5D Mark III (3D, 6D) Demands


/ #16 Just freaking make this camera already

2011-03-15 18:27

Get a Canon 7D add the following:
Full frame 21-24MP sensor, better noise handling (+2 stops), 1/1000 sync (at least make 1/250 work), IR Controller for flash, HSS in slave mode, GPS built in, AUTO ISO (like Leica) that works in M, AV and TV modes !

Goodies I do not mind having:
Better audio controls for video, increased frame rates for 1080p and 24f/sec, viewfinder cover, built in intervalometer, built in multi exposure, SD/CF dual card slots, photo comments/tagging, comes with 24-70 L IS II f2.8 or with 24-120 L f/4

For all of the above (sans the lenses) I do not mind paying $2500-$3000

I believe the next D800 will be very close to the above specs, so I am not asking too much.