Australia Day Bill of Rights Run Petition

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2013-12-12 01:46

Bullying has no place in a modern democratic society. No democratic government has the right to bully citizens on the grounds of association. No democratic government has the right to victimize citizens on the basis of a chosen legal pass time or mode of transport or form of personal decoration. No democratic government has the right to deny marriage equality to it's citizens.

We need a bill of rights to stop bullies from trying to take away our democratic rights.

ALL elected representatives should be subject to the law in their actions as a representative.

NO parliamentarians should be entitled to any bonus or retirement package unless approved by a randomly selected panel of citizens after a review of their personal performance/legacy upon retirement.

In order to have TRUE representation we need to SCRAP the PARTY system and only have independent representatives for each electorate. In this way we can circumvent the bankrolling corporations from buying a vested interest in OUR government.