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#26 bring it on

2013-12-11 13:11

This is just the first step for us little people to be heard if we all band together and make a majority people and the government will have no choice but to hear and listen to us.... im proud to be a born and bred aussie and I want my opinion to be heard WHAT ABOUT ALL U OTHER AUSSIES???

#27 our freedom

2013-12-11 20:48

We need to stand up and fight for right to assosiate with and whoom we ever wont to be beside we stand under the southern cross, this is AUSTRALIA not some nazi dictatorship country, lets stand up or ride and be heard.



2013-12-11 21:08

We currently don't have rights! What we have can be taken away from us at the whim of any perceived authority that currently holds itself to be an authority!
A Bill of Rights gives each individual at the very least, a base line of what they are both entitled to and responsible for. It levels the playing field for all citizens, not just the wealthy and elite.



2013-12-11 23:52

The people of Australia have had enough of corrupt governments. We need our rights and our freedoms restored PRONTO!!



2013-12-12 00:03

Need to start making changes now or else we'll end up ruined.


2013-12-12 00:14

We as Proud Australians need to show Politicians that we collectively refuse to bend, to their FASCIST REGIME tactics, and that Australia is still a Democratic Nation

one of many


2013-12-12 01:46

Bullying has no place in a modern democratic society. No democratic government has the right to bully citizens on the grounds of association. No democratic government has the right to victimize citizens on the basis of a chosen legal pass time or mode of transport or form of personal decoration. No democratic government has the right to deny marriage equality to it's citizens.

We need a bill of rights to stop bullies from trying to take away our democratic rights.

ALL elected representatives should be subject to the law in their actions as a representative.

NO parliamentarians should be entitled to any bonus or retirement package unless approved by a randomly selected panel of citizens after a review of their personal performance/legacy upon retirement.

In order to have TRUE representation we need to SCRAP the PARTY system and only have independent representatives for each electorate. In this way we can circumvent the bankrolling corporations from buying a vested interest in OUR government.



2013-12-12 03:54

our dream has been to have our kids reach an age where we have the FREEDOM to ride, when we choose. with who we choose, wherever we choose, we are there ! & I will be damned if I will let any government laws or legislations take away OUR pilgrimage - WE DEMAND THE RIGHT TO ASSOCIATE WITH WHOEVER WE WANT !



2013-12-12 04:10

I don't think that a handfull of people should have the right to decide wich freedoms I'm entitled too, based on their moral belief, that they have to right to do so. I was born free and I will die free regardless



2013-12-12 07:30

Every person has the right to associate with whomever they choose when and where they want, wearing what they want on their skin or on their back. They must have the right to a fair and proper hearing and be treated humanly and with dignity. Innocent, until proven beyond doubt, guilty. All must have the right to work in whatever trade or profession they choose without prejudice



2013-12-12 21:17

Every Australian needs to stand up for their right and freedoms and for our future generations to come. We fight for freedom we lost many doing so (less we forget) we are not going to let our goverment take it away.



2013-12-12 21:26

The new laws are following what our family's fought hitler for



2013-12-12 21:36

We need this people WAKE UP !!!!! Help before it is to late



2013-12-12 21:37

Keep on fighting because will win in the end.



2013-12-12 21:43

Will fight for our freedom



2013-12-12 21:49

More than ever we need this excellent Bill of Rights, many thanks for the initiative. Looking forward to a historic show of people power on Australia Day 2014! Jenny Chester, Southport



2013-12-12 21:58

The Disabled need full Immunity from the law, as this nation is comitting war crimes against them



2013-12-12 22:12

The laws that were in place before nuemans conveyancing clerk brought in the vlad act were suficient to get to the targeted bikies. Nueman must think that the voting public are realy stupid not to realise that the vlad act is just for bikies. The vlad act is for a bigger target. It is up to every bike rider to lead the general public in protest against these draconian laws



2013-12-12 22:38

we need a bill of rights to stop the erosions on our freedom



2013-12-12 22:50

i will be their on australia day to personaly vent my anger ,



2013-12-12 23:14

What's happened to this great nation of ours...I use to be proud to be called an Aussie, but when you see what the Government is doing to its people I'm ashamed to be apart of it. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? This has nothing to do with bikies, they are just the scapegoats forte the governments real intention of silencing those who oppose the government and stand up for the worker's! This is a far greater issue than what most people realise...this is about shutting down unions and worker's loosing their rights to a fair pay.... Mark my words this includes everyone all our lives and children's future's are at stake here!!! What will you do


2013-12-13 00:58

my parents came to this country (individually) for their rights of freedom. This is meant to be Australia the lucky country - lets take our country back and make it lucky again, for us and our children, and our children's children.



2013-12-13 01:01

#46: -

if only people would listen and not just tell you to leave it be because if you have nothing to hide you're okay, if you're not a bikie you're okay..............what a load of rubbish - fight for our rights and for the people of this country into the future....... Freedom and just normal human rights are paramount.



2013-12-13 04:01

Our government should take a good look at Nelson Mandela and learn from his great leadership. Our government is losing touch with reality and its people. It doesn't matter if its liberal or labour anymore. The same junk keeps getting churned out term after term.

They don't even care much about the people, just the money. Why not build a society based on needs rather than profits and help to make the lives if people much more pleasant. How much does one really need to live comfortably and not be bothers by over the top rules and laws like being boxed into a stale way of life. Seems to me they need a board of philosophers and some political engineering.



2013-12-14 01:35