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2014-01-22 03:32

There is much public discussion needed on Australia and its rights. We NEED a Bill of Rights. There can be no question about it. Australia prides itself on giving everyone a "fair go," and this Bill has the ability to assure our HUMAN rights for all citizens. This Bill of Rights NEEDS to be brought in front of the public eye, using whatever public media is necessary, including Fairfax News Australia.



2014-01-22 06:57

aust needs this



2014-01-23 02:56

it is not before time that Australia had a bill of rights



2014-01-24 07:57

How very bloody un Australian,mind ya bloody own and live and let live.hey.time to tell that bloody pelican Cambell and his maggot boys brigade to piss off.what's next no Jackie how's. Ialoud to b worn in public or wait is that already?time to make some noise Australia



2014-01-25 00:12

The government has been making so many error's & the general public end up suffering the consequences & I'd suggest that just like the general public have a vote to chose who gets appointed, in that case, the public should also have a vote before new law's get passed



2014-01-25 03:01

Let those who ride decide, one of the biggest clubs in the world is called the blue nights, cops & ex cops, whose going to make them give up their way of life



2014-01-26 00:04

We wont Freedom For QLD Workers & Bikers



2014-01-26 23:10

Sign sign sign people and unite as one...



2014-01-28 03:14

we are all Australians & our forefathers fort for our freedom
Now we must do it again
Ride free
Live free



2014-02-22 00:02

Badly needed or we will have our rights eroded, as they are attempting right now.



2014-02-23 05:31

Every Australian who cares about their own and their countrys Sovereignty must unite and take a stand now,before its too late.Much appreciation to Mark Alldridge on his Great Efforts towards this goal.



2014-09-10 02:13

We need a pain killer for people with chronic pain



2014-09-10 05:59

What's more important than our freedom and our rights !
Radical Rachael

#215 Australian bill of rights

2014-09-10 06:11

The Australian society needs a bill of rights to ensure the freedom from prejudist systems that remain in the governmental beauracracy.



2014-09-11 04:27

aldridge did NOT write "his" Bill of Rights. It is cut'n paste from the South African Bill of Rights with a bit of artistic editing thrown in. South Africa is the newest BoR around as it is the most recent country to write one, therefore it is [most likely] to be in tune with the times.  How convenient.



2014-09-11 04:28

On his website he says "..legislative" Bill of Rights. How stupid would that be. Any Act of parliament can be overwritten by parliament, dismissed in another Act of Parliament or ignored as they please. There is only one option that is worthwhile, and that is a Constitutional amendment by referendum of the people. Anything less will not be worth the paper it's written on.



2014-09-11 04:29

Yes, ANY legislation (statute under parliament) can be ignored or dismissed outright in any other piece of legisaltion the parliament sees fit. So VLAD could be ameneded for example to say that the BoR Act does not apply under this Act.


I am absolutely against a legislative (statute or Act of Parliament) on this matter as it is therefore ceding authority by the people to the parliament, ie, the parliamnet then "gives" permission. One which can be just as easily removed. not the other way around.


I demand that parliament is subservient to the people, not the other way around. What aldridge supports is an option for the people to be even MORE controlled. 


That's why this matter of a BoR needs much public debate and political integrity, neither of which is supported by people like him, let alone the understanding of potential consequences as it is a LEGAL document.



2014-09-11 04:31

Mark Fukkn ALDRIGE!!?   Haha..  You mean the Bill of Rights by the SOUTH AFRICAN people.. Aldridge DID NOT WRITE THIS!!!


#221 Bear Re:

2014-09-15 04:49

#216: -  Paul Pull your head in mate , you have had a problem with Mark as he was a threat to you , you acted deceptively when Mark first put his hand up for the party and you continue to do so in an attempt to harm the party!! Mark is ten times the man you will ever be ! You went against your parties wishes , and deceived us , your opinion should carry no weight with anyone at all as you are a liar and deceiptful , grow up and be a man and accept you are out !!! If you continue in this course  we will take legal action against you !! To say the least !!!



#222 Re:

2014-09-16 05:30

#1: -  

 Sorry, it's NOBODY's "right" at the moment to have Free Speech. To give us a Bill of Rights it would have to be enshrined in the Constitution, which it should have been years ago.  It will require a Public Referendum.



2014-12-27 07:40

We need our rights to be to be clearly articulated and published.