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#176 human rights

2014-01-10 23:12

we must protect our freedoms

#177 bill of rights

2014-01-10 23:13

protect our freedoms



2014-01-11 05:12

Signed for All before us & All after us.



2014-01-11 05:59

Anti Association Laws are Un Australian. This legislation is undemocratic.



2014-01-11 07:13

Please keep the freedom an peace here in australia.



2014-01-12 03:08

We certainly need help here in Queensland with a person, Mr Newman our premier that has gone totally insane. He has made laws to SUIT him.He has dictated and is putting people in jail for 23 hours day in solitary, no bail, no court case. I thought this was Australia, the land of freedom. Remind me, where innocent until proved otherwise comes into this If one man, paid by the tax payers can do this, well we all better be frighted.



2014-01-12 06:11

Freedom to associate with whom I choose


2014-01-12 13:52

im in Newman free these men now



2014-01-13 00:24

With unfair, unjust and discriminatory so called "laws" that effect EVERYONE. Whether you ride or not, we need to Stand shoulder to shoulder no matter who we are and fight these laws. For in the end if we do not we will ALL lose our FREEDOM.



2014-01-13 00:32

Come on ppl fight for ya rights and freedom to associate with who the hell you want



2014-01-13 09:28

Human rights.. That's all that I should need to say.



2014-01-14 11:39

Beside us having a Bill of rights that is designed to protect us from over governance as we see happening all over Australia we need to demand that our Courts be made common law courts again as our constitution demands.
even our constitution has been altered without referendum and I have the proof. that is an act of treason against us as only the people via a referendum can alter the Constitution if the majority say yes.



2014-01-15 07:11

It is great to see so many Australians actively opposing these excessive laws and the degradation of civil liberties that has accompanied them. I suppose that's one thing we can thank Newman and Bleijje for.....

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2014-01-17 01:55



2014-01-17 13:19

Im 50 a gray nomad, i tow my bike on a trailer,, park and ride the bike around to see the sites.
I have made lots of friends along the way. Its non of my business and with respect i dont delve into questions about their privet life. I ride with many clubs and groups and over the years when i go to a bike rally its like a reunion. Now with these stupid VLAD laws i now have to question where i am, who im riding with, to be striped searched in public, to be photographed, to be left to gather my things with my new loss of dignity to end up going on my way to have it all don again by another police officer down the road, who i might ad may not want to do such a thing but has to because the police officer may loose their job.



2014-01-19 06:51

there,s already plenty of laws to allow criminals to be caught and prosecuted.Freedom of assembly is our Constitutional right.It cannot be stopped by PISS-ANT politicians .Try it again ,and THEN see what Eureka Taught you.



2014-01-19 10:19

I believe this act to be in violation of our rights and should not be passed



2014-01-21 04:23

a bill of rights is just a piece of paper .it needs to be enforced by the people

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2014-01-21 12:35

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2014-01-21 12:37



2014-01-21 13:50

this is something that should have been done along time ago , sadly our government just want too control every Aussie and are not looking after our best interests at all but more interested in lining their own pockets and looking after them selves ... shame shame shame ....



2014-01-21 13:59

It is becoming a dictatorship country and that is not what Australia is about. Australia = Freedom of choice and people died fighting for our freedom which we are going to keep.



2014-01-21 21:46

We have no rights except the ones the authorities allow us to have! And they can be taken away at the whim of any Government Agency that decides to make an individual a target!



2014-01-21 22:38

My rights were removed in 2009 my child taken by State government never to be seen again. There's thousands like me out there accused of things they haven't done, and with their histories of being abused brought up by the government and ex partners to steal children. Who does this to people?



2014-01-22 02:31

Australians need a Bill of Rights as protection from currupt governments and it is our right to have our civil rights protected,