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2014-01-02 19:44

this has to stop Mr Newman you are going to far its time for you to GO



2014-01-03 01:01

You care about our rights as Human beings? We need a bill of rights. Please sign this and share.



2014-01-03 01:03

Our rights will not be tread on any more!



2014-01-03 02:55

The Government needs to be reminded that they are elected there to serve us not the other way around



2014-01-03 03:33

Once we have a bill we must stand true to it and defend our rights to the death if needed.
Mark Aldridge

#131 Re: here is a link to the bill of rights to be debated

2014-01-03 04:09

#1: -

Any bill of rights, MUST be written by the people through transparent community forums, then offered up to every Australian by way of a referendum, and then added to the Constitution :)



2014-01-03 06:33

I am sick of the corruption in Australia by those in positions of trust and power. Money meant for the people on the bottom of the ladder never gets there because it is stolen on they way down. We are told to tighten our belts so that they can have pay rises and give casinos and big corporations tax breaks all at the expense of the poor. A fair Australia for all not just the rich.



2014-01-03 10:08

We need a government that represent the people not one that controls the people. We need to protect our rights and our freedoms, for us and future generations.



2014-01-04 03:20

Too tony Abbott and to whom this may concern , My great grand father and my grand father and my father all went to war for this country to help give us our freedom to live in peace without fear of being beaten to death or raped or murdered by the japs and vietnam , now we have politicians who are no better than the ones our fathers fought to keep us safe and to stop them from invading our beautiful country that we call the great southern land the lucky country, i remember when i was a little girl and my grand father charles evans sat all of us children down and said i am going to tell you a story about how our service men and women saved your mother's life as if they did not i was going to shoot her and your grandmother in the old well out the back there as the torture those japs would have done to them was unthinkable and so you children can be proud to say one day in the future we live in a lucky country, well not no more, i am so ashamed to say i am a aussie when human rights override greed , the abuse and breeches in laws i have seen in the past 10 years is disgusting , you first changed the laws so it made it possible for abusers and pedophile too gain access to children through family law then you throw single mothers and their children into poverty by putting them on the dole , what was john howards favorite words no child will live in poverty in australia well he has destroyed thousands of childrens lives through family law and guess what a class action will take place soon as this is a human right issue and too live in peace and without fear you tony abbott have lied to the public you dont care for the people of australia as long as you have your nice house nice cars and be able to do as you please how do you grubs sleep at night and then to top it off you say you are a christian lol i feel sick i can not judge please forgive me lord, but jesus can he will let you know soon as jesus loves little children and those who are being abused by laws that place people without rights being heard and your gag laws you can shove them where the sun doesn't shine the people of australia who have their eyes open too the truth have had enough ,times up tony abbott and john howard and all of the rest of you corrupt politicians you can not stop thousands standing together as one voice , what we want is a is our country back for the future our children not a selfish greedy leader who has plans too destroy out Environment ,our freedom and our rights and our children .and what was your recent message too australia oh have a happy new year yours is coming



2014-01-04 11:48

I'm impressed with the 'bill of rights' that has been collated. I also expect that Australian citizens will have ample time and opportunity for input beforehand. Australia needs to stand as a republic separate from commonwealth or US influence in my opinion.



2014-01-05 06:31

Our basic right to freedom is being challenged, WE THE CITIZENS OF AUSTRALIA, need to get order back into our lives and tell these political thugsand bullies, that we will not tolerate their stand over tactics, BULLYING IS A PARIAH AGAINST SOCIETY



2014-01-06 10:39

We don't need a bit of paper to give us our rights, they exist anyway. But one needs to know about their rights first in order to exercise them so awareness is great.



2014-01-07 01:38

about time well over due



2014-01-07 06:12

I cant believe that there are people out there that want to take away the right of freedom and a fair go from there own families and friends !!! to many mental people out there in control positions



2014-01-07 07:09

Excuse the language ... but lets destroy these cunts ... freedom for all australians



2014-01-07 07:55

i vote for poly's to work for me not against me, if you want to take my rights away you will not get my vote



2014-01-07 10:29

Please give us our rights back I'm sick of police harassing me on the road and using the Rbt as an excuse that's bull how about you go catch real criminals did you not do your job as a servant of the people you are slaves to the new world order



2014-01-07 22:34

We need a bill of rights to stop MP's like Campbell Newman, Cory Bernardi and Tony Abbott from eroding our basic human and civil rights!



2014-01-08 00:38

Eradicate the dictator and his puppets.



2014-01-08 02:02

Now is the time



2014-01-08 05:15

This is a free country and this should be our freedom of choice.



2014-01-08 06:31

its the people that make australia what Aussie is about give us back our freedom to "Run



2014-01-08 06:41

This bullshittin dictatorship has gone on long enough... time to come to a stop before any possible bloodshed happens and the jails are over crowded more . The government and the media need to stop and take a real good look at statistics of where the crime is and by whom.



2014-01-08 07:01

We need a bullet proof Bill of Rights to protect our rights & freedom so NO government can implement any more laws or variants of the VLAD. Respect is earnt, not given.



2014-01-08 07:59

We need to know what our rights are. At the moment it is the right to remain silent, the right for legal representation. Is that it?