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2013-12-26 20:22

We do not live in a feudal lord system and that is what the LNP want.



2013-12-26 20:48

We have to have a 'Bill of Rights' if we have none as now we have no protection against corrupt government/police etc



2013-12-26 21:56

Take away our rights . Our options .my kids future .i promise to give u a war u wont fukn believe .this is my promise as a father ....



2013-12-26 22:04

Stand up for our rights



2013-12-26 22:57

We ,the free thinking people need to be heard.



2013-12-27 00:32

We are all the same and need the same rights and responsibilities



2013-12-27 01:17

I love australia for it has always been a free and fair country well its not anymore and I dont like it lets get back to the australia we know and love



2013-12-27 06:00

we need it . . .



2013-12-27 06:40

the average citizen simply has no idea how important
this is I doubt.



2013-12-27 10:54

Is it even legal?



2013-12-27 11:04

Everyone should sign this, free Australia from these nazi laws



2013-12-27 23:21

i was not born a slave and what i own nobody has the right to take it off me



2013-12-28 21:03

I am very displeased with our Government bodies both Federal and state. The way they publish their propaganda in the media, TV or news papers It is a load of B**LS**T and they expect us to believe it.. How gullible do they think we are...They may think they get away with all their lies but we are awake to them and it is about time THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE STOOD UP FOR THEIR RIGHTS....WE ARE A CHRISTIAN NATION THAT IS OUR HERITAGE AND I AM PROUD TO BE AN AUSTRALIAN BUT I AM NOT PROUD OR OUR GUTLESS GOVERNMENTS.. Joyce Tombs



2013-12-29 22:16

Is it rite to have them keep arresting you on trumped up charges and homeless and hungry after thier brothers(cops) want to see an opportunity to wake thier life wealthier with some blokes fortune he slaved 24/7 for 25 years for and even down to a warrant of possesion on your home and when given 2 hours to try and pack up your life have thier goons there to arrest you again on charges already dealt with by a judge weeks before and still try cover shit up!Game on Newman!!!



2013-12-29 23:53

If we don't get a bill of rights I'll happy watch this country burn.



2013-12-29 23:54

New laws have to go.,along with newman kick him out with.bjlkie scum



2013-12-30 01:51

it is an important issue



2013-12-30 04:38

Make no mistake about it... these VLAD Laws are immoral, illegal and totally UNAUSTRALIAN. They need to be removed and a vote of no confidence in Campbell Newman and his party. Any Government that seeks to rule its people with laws that go against the people wont have much of a political career come the next elections. Hear us now and make this right



2013-12-30 04:55

treachery and treason have been festering within this criminal gang of thugs for far too long.. jail time is what is needed....



2013-12-30 04:59

born free, die free no one has the right to turn me into a slave



2013-12-30 05:55

it would be helpful to put this link on the petition so we are more informed about what we are signing:



2013-12-31 01:57

FACEBOOK/lindsay_mckee......have a look
FACEBOOK/ lindsay_mckee........HAVE A LOOK

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2013-12-31 02:00


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2013-12-31 10:25

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The Australian Crown, is the Australian people Bill of rights. They just didn't know, let a lone how to use this office.


~Kind Regards



2014-01-02 04:52

Bring back our freedom and rights