a Travesty!

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2011-06-08 16:26

The real Brothers in Arms is one of my favorite series of all time! seeing the name of a new game trailer made my heart stop... until I saw what it was all about. Now I understand Borderlands sold well, but fuck me, don't ruin the Brothers in Arms franchise with this crap.

I know the game will still ship but PLEASE remove the Brothers in Arms title, because keeping it is a deep insult to the REAL franchise, and an insult to the very roots of Gearbox Software

I really don't like the road Gearbox is going, where Randy Pitchford is assuming a role of a super fly cool guy who develops these over the top "fun" action games, just look at all the Duke Nukem trailers to see his poor acting of somebody he isn't, we have enough of these Cliffy B's in the industry, keep it real Gearbox.. please.