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2011-06-07 21:42

Stop Furios 4, we are waiting for BiA: Savage 7!


#2 Stop Furious 4! And make BIA 4 like we all want!

2011-06-07 21:49

Stop Furious 4! And make BIA 4 like we all want!
Mac Hassay


2011-06-07 22:15

Stop this at once soldiers! Get your asses in gear, we need it now! Keep firing!



2011-06-08 00:19

Back to the Drawing Board Gearbox, this is a pure waste of Time and Effort, Give us the Final Chapter in The Real B.I.A. Series, end it with the Dignity u started with, not this Joke!!!!



2011-06-08 00:22

the whole thing's just ridiculous.. where is the real BIA4?



2011-06-08 00:35

fucking gearbox!



2011-06-08 01:34

This is NOT Brothers in Arms.



2011-06-08 01:38

Bring back the Real Brothers in Arms!



2011-06-08 01:44

I will not buy Furious 4. Give us the BiA game that we've been waiting for for years!



2011-06-08 01:50

Absolutely pathetic.

Show a little respect to those whom died on BOTH sides.

Fucking ignorant pricks at Gearbox.



#11 WHAT THE @!$#

2011-06-08 02:05

SERIOUSLY! I cant believe you GearBox, you promosed so much with Hells Highway, and in the end you promised too much that you even had to water down the previous title. Have you lost your freaken minds and now given up on the series entirely?! Dont you understand your the only WW2 franchise on the market? Why would you fuck it up and make a Inglorious Basterds looking title...people are way over that movie faster than they would be for a solid tactical shooter like BIA!


#12 rediculous

2011-06-08 02:10

i find it sad that gearbox would take the best wwii franchise and just plain and simply shit on it. we were all waiting for bastogne and an ending to a truly great, realistic, and dramatic story. bring us bastogne!!



2011-06-08 02:16

This is bullshit, man. BULL-SHIT.



2011-06-08 02:48

Fuck furious four



2011-06-08 04:55

Please stop this abomination.



2011-06-08 05:03

I was so pumped for the new BIA game. I had originally played Road to Hill 30 5 years ago on the original xbox and ABSOLUTELY loved it.

Just 2 weeks ago, I found it again on steam, and downloaded Hill 30, Earned in Blood, and Hells Highway.

Brothers In Arms series is, personally, one of the greatest WWII shooters, passionately dedicated to it's signature authenticity that makes it stand out from the competition.

This Furious Four, shows absolutely nothing that the BIA series is famed for. Not only is it a terrible idea in the first place, it feels like an insult, directly from Gearbox, to it's dedicated fans.

Absolutely Signed.



2011-06-08 05:19

Real sad day for the BIA franchise. Really hoping that this is a console only release and that the rumored Savage 7 will be the real BIA storyline.



2011-06-08 09:24

Furious 4? Okay, well right, if you want to make it it's okay. But don't call it Brothers in Arms.

#19 "Tarantino" 4 more like

2011-06-08 10:03

It should not have BIA in the title.

Come on LOYAL BIA Fans lets stop this shit stain of a title being released.



2011-06-08 11:19

Keep it going guys, get signatures from more people and Gearbox will have to listen to us.



2011-06-08 12:36

GAY GEARBOX NOOBS!!! why u did this!!!



2011-06-08 13:57

I can't understand why they did so... i just can't



2011-06-08 14:34

fuck!!!!!!!! gearbox



2011-06-08 14:34

Gearbox, you have simply let your true fans down because of marketing decisions. That said, it's sad. We are getting tired of waiting and waiting for being let down.
a Travesty!


2011-06-08 16:26

The real Brothers in Arms is one of my favorite series of all time! seeing the name of a new game trailer made my heart stop... until I saw what it was all about. Now I understand Borderlands sold well, but fuck me, don't ruin the Brothers in Arms franchise with this crap.

I know the game will still ship but PLEASE remove the Brothers in Arms title, because keeping it is a deep insult to the REAL franchise, and an insult to the very roots of Gearbox Software

I really don't like the road Gearbox is going, where Randy Pitchford is assuming a role of a super fly cool guy who develops these over the top "fun" action games, just look at all the Duke Nukem trailers to see his poor acting of somebody he isn't, we have enough of these Cliffy B's in the industry, keep it real Gearbox.. please.