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2011-06-08 16:36

For any franchise, a reinvention this severe would be saddening. For a franchise previously known for its sensitive handling of a real life conflict, however, this is in very poor taste indeed. You should be ashamed of yourselves, Gearbox.


2011-06-08 16:55

Sweet Jesus what have they done!?



2011-06-08 19:51

Furious Four is not BiA. It may be a fine game, but it is not in the same genre, much less world, as BiA. The BiA franchise intentionally created a story that gamers could care about in addition to a game worth playing (and I include the much-maligned Hell's Highway here), and infused it with reasonably authentic degrees of history and dignity. FF appears to have none of those qualities, and it feels like a slap in the face to those who read "To Be Continued..." at the end of BiA: HH with a sense of hope and anticipation.

The BiA series feel like games that are fun, but have some adult sensibilities.  FF is a game for kids. If that's were the market takes you, then fine... just don't call it BiA.  It's okay to have cheap thrills for funsies, but this is a mash-up that does not fit.

Here, try this exercise.  Pretend you are in a Hollywood pitch meeting, and here are some of the new films under discussion...

Saving Private Ryan II: Inglorious Basterds

Platoon 2011 in 3-D, starring Chuck Norris and Sly Stallone

Glory II: the New Posse , with Mario Van Peeples

... I think you get the point.


#29 Get over it.

2011-06-08 19:52

I cant believe you would feel "betrayed" over a video game. Stop being so butt hurt and enjoy the latest twist on the brothers in arms series. Do you think all the GTA fans wanted a Liberty City Stories or A VCS? no they (me) didn't, but ya know, when It came out it was awesome. So just do humanity a favor and stop all your gay petition shit.



2011-06-08 19:57

Don't do this Gearbox. This was a spit in the face for the fans that made YOU the company who you are today. If you go on with this game I will be sure to never buy any Gearbox game ever again, past or present.



2011-06-08 20:09

This is a disgrace to the series. Instead of creating some crappy Team Fortress/Inglorious Bastards spin-off, fix the problems in Hells Highway (particularly multiplayer)and make a better game.


#32 Re: Get over it.

2011-06-08 20:33

#29: achubbysquirrell - Get over it.

I don't feel "betrayed", just disappointed.  Bear in mind that BiA is not just a game, but has an important and integrated stroy that players were asked by the game creators to care about.  "Wait" they said... "More of what you love is coming soon!"... then this Fruitious Four silliness.

But, You're right, achubbysquirrel, we should, as customers, not register our preferences with gay petition shit, and help humanity, world-wide humanity, maintain it's ever-increasing dignity.  When someone asks me how I came upon my zen-like blissful attitude about the universe, I will proclaim "achubbysquirrel taught me! - Look to the teachings of a chubby squirrel!  There you will find enlightenment!".

Thank you, achubbysquirrel.

i hate furious 4


2011-06-08 20:41



#34 Re: Re: Get over it.

2011-06-08 20:48

#32: - Re: Get over it.

Haha, don't get me wrong, I am flattered by your sarcasm, and to be completely honest, If all people are thinking the way you do, I wouldn't have a problem with anything, but the fact of the matter is that these same people bitch and whine that Call of Duty is basically the same game every year, but when something like this happens, they go apeshit. Maybe it is just because I never found a emotional attachment to the BIA games itself, but I feel that change might be necessary... For the time being of course. I think that if they make one outlandish game it will be fine. After this they will probably return to their roots and everyone will have their beloved BIA 4 in a year.



2011-06-08 20:48

Let's hope this works.

#36 Re: Re: Re: Get over it.

2011-06-08 20:57

#34: achubbysquirrell - Re: Re: Get over it.  Oh I absolutely think that they will be producing a proper game within the next 3-4 years. My problem is we have already waited 3-4 years for that sequel and then we get this! It's just extremely dissapointing. Also it is more than just people here that are unhappy with it, I'd say it's about a 70:30 split. But hey fair enough if you never found the attachment to the game. :)

By the way have you ever seen Band of Brothers? If not it might help you to appreciate the game a bit more. Also I'm not being sarcastic or hating in anyway (:P), I genuinely accept your opinion.



#37 Re: Re: Re: Get over it.

2011-06-08 22:56

#34: achubbysquirrell - Re: Re: Get over it.

Cheers, then, brother...  I know it's pretty silly to get worked up over a game - any game.  That said, Aggies suck, Sooners blow, and God Bless Bevo.

I get so little time to play, I want the games to be what I want them to be...  in this world that doesn't exist where I am King of Everything.


#38 Re: Get over it.

2011-06-09 00:42

Guest #9001


2011-06-09 04:37

I am just majorly disappointed and hope that they (Gearbox/Ubisoft, my idols.) at least drop the Brothers in Arms, due to the generic shooter rather than fps/rts style of BiA, that would also be nice if they go on like CoD, just making a similar game for at least a while, but taking more time to develop and bring in new things, then I will be satisfied.
Guest #9001

#40 Re: Re: Re: Re: Get over it.

2011-06-09 04:40

#37: - Re: Re: Re: Get over it.

The eyes of Texas are upon yooouuu....


#41 Re: Re: Get over it.

2011-06-09 06:39

#38: - Re: Get over it.

Nice man. What a sophisticated and polite way to argue your point. Me being a "knob" just consisted of me expressing my opinions. You saying that just made you look like a total douche in front of half of the internet.


#42 Re:

2011-06-09 06:49

#39: Guest #9001 -

my guess is that is what they're doing.



2011-06-09 07:17

Honestly. I understand the influence of cinema on video games. What I don't get is why the developers of a series focused on historical accuracy are now making what amounts to "Brothers in Arms: Inglourious Basterds meets Team Fortress 2".

The fact that they even assigned the franchise's name to something like this is a massive betrayal.

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2011-06-09 12:41



2011-06-09 13:25

C'mon, are you kidding me? this shit called BiA? No way!



2011-06-09 16:40

Think of the fans. And the children. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!



2011-06-09 16:55




2011-06-09 17:44

its not fair people look forward to brothers in arms we know from our childhood the story of friend,war,conflicts,tears real war we want to continue the story of mat baker and real war no this if you wont change the game to normal at least take the brothers in arms out cause this aint the brothers in arms i played and planed on playing


2011-06-09 18:24

If you change the game to the BIA 4 we've all waited on so long, i'm sure everyone of us will buy it. If you don't you've lost yerself tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of fans.
And btw, don't fuck with the name Brothers in Arms by putting it on such a shit game.
Battlefield Heroes + Inglorious Bastards + COD/MoH style = Furious 4

#50 Broken promisses

2011-06-09 22:17

We want story about Heroes of the Bulge, not a gaming version of Inglorious basterds!