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2011-08-12 20:14

no mmmmmmaaaaammmmmmmennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Fuck Randy Pitchford

#102 Re: B.I.A

2011-09-01 18:46

#25: a Travesty! -  

 First of all,BIA hill 30 and E.I.B were the best online because you could control your own quad.then Randy Pitchford and Gearbox totally Fucked the multiplayer on Hell's Highway. I did'nt purchase Borderlands or Duke Nukem. what a fucking joke. Any game with the Gearbox logo on it. I will never purchase again because Randy Pitchford and Gearbox totally broke my heart with Hell's Highway.Untill they fix the online consept of controlling my own soilders in a new BIA title. I pray that the whole company falls to it knees and callapses. Fuck Gearbox stick to BIA and improve on it. What a bunch of FUCKING Dumb asses. and tell Randy Pitchford to stop over hyping dumb ass games. just make BIA.

Randy Pitchford


2011-09-02 16:14

screw gearbox and this piece o shit game, no ones gonna buy it, it will flop, they will betray their only true fanbase and the brothers in arms franchise will be scrapped and the name will never be used again. point blank period FUCK YOU


2011-09-06 22:21

This is simply disgusting and wrong in so many ways. To take a name that stood for historical accuracy and a heavily dramatic take on war, and then expect it's fans to laugh at war crimes and toilet humour... it's just unbelievable.

What was the last thing we saw in the series? Oh right, a hauntingly quiet scene of Redd lying in bed having lost the use of his legs, followed by Baker breaking down completely from the guilt (he got better though, for a while at least).
And now what do we get to see? More haunting drama as Baker descends further into madness? Oh no... we get home made ball-tasing, chainsaws and corpse-desecration! WHat the hell!? Make your stupid zany run-n-gun four-player story-lacking nazi-slaughterin co-op arcade shooter if you really want to, but leave the Brothers in Arms out of it!



2011-09-07 04:49

we want the end of Baker history !

#106 Re:

2011-09-12 03:23

#10: - Show a little respect to those whom died on BOTH sides.

Fucking ignorant pricks at Gearbox.

I don't think thats why most people are mad but I see what your getting at. I agree it is a bit f*cked up but I think the reason they did it was to add some comedy(like they did in BorderLands) to break up the more serious parts of the story/game. It is pretty offensive I will say that. But it would be worse if they made the nazis cold hearted war machines who show absolutely no regret killing innocents and soldiers. I think that would be much much worse then having them act not very bright.



2011-09-19 06:54

No "estropeen" la saga asi



2011-09-26 04:47

Please bring back my GAME!



2011-09-30 00:58

Shame on you Gearbox.



2011-10-03 16:09

Brothers in Arms series is my childhood.
I love Road To hill 30 and Earned in blood.
Hells Highway is awesome.
And when i saw a trailer of Furious4, i cried, seriously.
Gearbox, you have just ruined the best ww2 game in the world. Thank you.



2011-10-10 09:09

por favor no hagan furious 4 sera una verdadera mierda y cagaran una saga llamada BROTHERS IN ARMS



2011-10-16 13:29

brother in arms furius 4 must be stop. Cause Brother in arms tell about a true friendship, honor in WW2, not the killing nazis in furius 4 :(



2011-11-01 15:09

BIA is a fantastic story, a different game, a full experience.
Furious 4 is the perfect game that we won't. Arcade, focus on the single man, like rambo.
In this years I expect a game some HH highway, grow up on the squad command way, maybe with more fire team and armaments, and maybe taking control of a full company.
Personally i have all BIA, and i want to continue the series but Furious 4 in my opinion isn't part of these story, and i'll not take it.


#114 Re:

2011-12-02 22:13

#1: -

stopp a quella cagata di furious 4

Mathew Baker.

#115 Re:

2011-12-12 08:50

What is this shit.  I fought through Eidhoven, Son, Carentan, St. Lo, and Hill 30.  Very few of my original squad are alive.  This is how I am remembered.  Terrible.


#116 Re: Get over it.

2011-12-14 04:50

#29: achubbysquirrell - Get over it.

GTA never ended with a "to be continued"



2011-12-31 07:10

I have played every Brothers in Arms game from Xbox to 360 to PSP, I think ubisoft and gearbox should finish the series of Matt Baker and then make Furious 4 without the Brothers in Arms.
(brothers in Arms was based on Band of Brothers, and The Pacific series just came out so you might expect a Pacific theatre game next)


2012-01-02 20:00

YEAH! Where the fucks my battle of the buldge!



2012-01-04 00:36

All the glorification of the violence during the Second World War is a disgusting and disgraceful to the generation of young men who fought for their respective nations. This game is utter GARBAGE


2012-01-08 08:14



2012-01-11 13:34

im a big fen of bia the new game brothers i narms furiso 4 i s sucks



2012-01-26 06:26

f k u


#123 Re: Get over it.

2012-02-02 13:41

#29: achubbysquirrell - Get over it.

if ur not with us fuck off troll



2012-02-02 14:00

ubisoft/gearbox say they dont have any ideas for a real bia.heres an idea pick up a history book u fucking morons and if u wanna do something a bit different why not make multiplayer amazing take advantage of the gap in the online field wit cod been just as shit as all the others and battlefield 3 been shit going down the run n gun road as to appeal to the 13year old cod community it would be amazing to see a good realistic online game were tactics and real team play pay off ur never going to compete with cod and all the other shit fps out these days so dont waste your time trying if you dont belive me just take a look at all the fps that have come out since cod mw back in 2007 have any of them had more than a week in the spotlight? i think not.please dont take a massive shit on your real fans.

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2012-02-09 22:54