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2011-06-16 00:44

Please make Bakers Story.



2011-06-17 04:41

Gearbox have just kicked all BIA fans in the nuts, and i see it fit that furious 4 MUST not go under the Brothers in Arms title or must be shut down, either way, i am NOT just going to sit around and let Gearbox ruin a fantastic series they have built since 2005, and if they don't listen, well they wont get many fans or sales.


#78 Re:

2011-06-17 04:44

#59: YoungGrognard -

im IN! until they release the true BIA 4 or take BIA off furious 4!

Fuck Garbox


2011-06-19 04:28

Fuck you Gearbox, you killed my favourite series of videogames!!!!!



2011-06-21 01:41

WE want BAKER!!!!!!!!



2011-06-22 00:01

please i want my history back



2011-06-22 01:54

This Game is a shit. What happend with the epic games?Gears box your create a bad game.



2011-06-22 01:57

Friends gearbox truth I am very disappointed with his new idea of the brothers in arms saga many expect the next installment, we last year we Esperanto to get away with such crap. Friends please return to this, alo epic and easy to network harstock, Baker and others. because this will be a game repetititvo hacerca about killing Nazis crazy dudes like crazy and the story is not true that we know is not original. There's nothing like the original, simple and powerful story of brothers in arms original. Think about it that desepcionaran greetings and many of the fans.
Sorry for my english!



2011-06-22 02:06

Calling this game Brothers in Arms 4 is like if they released Inglorious Bastards and titled it  "Schindler's List II: Electric Boogaloo"



2011-06-25 18:58

I dont know about you guys but a spin off doesnt sound so bad however this is a sorry excuse not just for a BIA but for a game in general
I get all worked up for farcry 3 and then they throw this at me
also hear is mah reaction to the game:



2011-06-29 15:36

I loved all the BIA games and this is just CRAP!
I hated the Inglorious Bastards it's a crap movie, with a crap story. Just like this game. Everyone has to sign this petition to stop this game.

for all TRUE BIA fans out there HUHA and Currahe :)
upset gamer

#87 Re: Damn right

2011-06-29 15:40

#85: -

I loved BIA and and they show this :S

+ Far Cry 3 looks Badass from what i've seen

like i said looks badass xD

i like bia

#88 liars *spoiler*

2011-06-29 22:20

three words to. be .continued!!!!!!!



2011-06-30 12:22

BIA is one of the best game i've ever played and BIA F4 is a big disappointment because in BIA 4 i think all BIA fans want to fight in the ardennes with baker and 3th squad, and not kill the whole german army in a retarded game... (sorry for my bad english im from hungary)



2011-07-10 20:13

Spero che la Gearbox faccia no il flop è sicuro!!!

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2011-07-14 04:31

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 hell yea we need brothers in arms road to bastong not some pussy gamng f4 i want baker back @-@




2011-07-14 04:32

oh yea im german

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2011-07-14 04:33

we#80: -  

 we need joe hartsock back im german by the way and i have bia 1 and bia 2 for wii


#94 Re: Get over it.

2011-07-19 22:27

#29: achubbysquirrell - Get over it. Somebody has not played the original BIA games




2011-07-25 04:41

i played and completed hells highway many times. my son began playing it and is now very interested in wwII. what now? have him play this game? come on we al deserve better and the series deserves better!



2011-07-26 08:54

Putting the bia name on this shit is like putting the godfather name on zookeeper



2011-07-26 09:00

They're basically doing a borderlands sequel but with inglorious basterds story. At least with borderlands it had a original story



2011-07-27 22:19

Vraiment dommage que l'on ne retrouve pas HartSock , Baker et le reste vraiment dommage !



2011-07-28 18:19

Furious4 looks shit, i think that gearbox software should stop delvelping it and get on with the good old BiA....either that sell the franchise to a dev who cares!



2011-07-31 19:02

Please tell us that this furious 4 thing is a joke
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Now thats badass instead of fucking stupid meatheads somhow in the middle of germany