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2012-02-13 02:34

I've been a fan ever since I played Road to Hill 30. Guys, this is just ridiculous. Furious 4 should not have the BiA title on it. At least remove that. But it's been 4 years since Hells Highway, I think the real fans who've stuck with the series for this long deserve the best possible final installment you can deliver.



2012-02-14 12:23

this game looks sweet,get over yourselves fanboys, they'll still make another bia, maybe.



2012-02-14 12:27

better series have been waiting longer for a decent next installment. Cough cough FINAL FANTASY cough cough.



2012-02-20 21:25

i hate furius



2012-02-20 21:26

where are beker gorrion red,,,,,,,,,



2012-02-28 00:33

Why this scenario unreal? The History of the 101st Airborne company deserves anything other than this stupid invention that seems to be "Furious 4".
I'm disappointed, you will lose a customer ...



2012-03-04 22:36

BIA arms was a great WW2 Game and you have Turned it into SHIT

We want Baker We Want Battle of the Bulge

If this comes out i will not be buying it

I hope everyone has the same view



2012-03-15 03:00

no furius 4



2012-03-24 19:26

If they actually make this game "Brothers in Arms" furious 4, they are retarded...If they rename it so it will be *insert retarded name here*: furious 4, i will be happy...



2012-04-02 02:52

we want a continuation of brothers in arms hell's highway, not a game does not conform to the title, the series has a story, you have decided to continue it and keep


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2012-04-02 15:41

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2012-04-11 18:31

We have to stop inmediatly this new game, brothers in armshave turned like a movie, and everybody that have played this game, wanted to play the next. In what they were thinking about when they this Brothers in Arms Furious 4. I want to know how it finishes, and I thing everybody things like me. Come on, protest next to this game.



2012-04-12 21:21

What is this fucking shit? I want, and I thing everybody want the old Brothers in arms. For kill everybody, we have Call of Duty, Medal of Honor,... This is a game of stategy, not a game of superultraviolence


#139 The Finder Episode 9

2012-04-13 15:06



2012-04-13 16:23

This is seriously more criminal than Auschwitz and must be destroyed.

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2012-04-19 05:08


#142 Instant NOT buy

2012-04-30 16:18

Halo 4 FTW Screw Bia furious 4. Its a joke to the ww2 genre. Ditch the name or the game gearbox. You will have to target a new audience with that crap. Your Bia fanbase aint gonna buy this shit.



2012-05-10 11:50

Please, do not fuck up this amazing story.



2012-06-07 04:47

I'm a brothers in arms fan and I don't think this series should change you taking advice from a director who didn't even graduate from high school what kind of crap is that

#145 Take BiA from the title

2012-06-21 21:58

Im sure BiA:Battle Of the Bulge will be made, just not yet. What i do not understand, is why the fuck they put a Brothers in arms in the title. Brothers in arms, for me at least, is bakers sqaud, not some huge ass people that can kill people with thier fist and beer bottles. WTF Gearbox. Take the BiA out of the front, and we'll be happy!



2012-06-28 20:37



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2012-06-29 12:19

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2012-08-05 16:57

This game shouldn't be name as Brothers in Arms. It is a disgrace to the franchise that have created in 2005



2012-11-13 19:42

I seriously got surprised when I saw the Furious 4 trailer and i expected a more realistic trailer not Borderlands

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2012-11-13 20:18