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#51 Fuck Gearbox

2011-06-09 22:50

borderlands was an ok game in my opinion (too much fucking looting though) then they make this shit?!

Are you fucking kidding me?? THIS IS A FUCKING DISGRACE. To the WW2 Veterans (not just American, I'm SAYING ALL VETS) & to the countries in which the war was fought.

They had a cool story (the death pistol) and IT WAS VERY REALISTIC. The battles were realistic and then they make this shit!???

I thought the ps2 ports of Earned in Blood & Road to hill 30 were bullshit but this..WHO THE FUCK CREATED THIS



2011-06-09 23:04

Furious 4 should absolutely not bear the "Brothers in Arms" name, the premise and gameplay are totally off and it has nothing to do with the story of Brothers in Arms.



2011-06-09 23:28

Continue with the 101st Airborne, right up to the Eagle's nest. This is an abomination to the historic series. You can release the game, but drop the BiA name please Gearbox.



2011-06-10 01:50

They need to take the name "Brother's in arms" away from furious four and ALOT IF NOT ALL BIA fans WILL BE PLEASED. Even if Gearbox just named it "Furious 4" alot of BIA players would probably buy it, it looks fun after all. However WE ALL WANT THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE, WE WANT MATT BAKER!



2011-06-10 05:27

I want a real BIA 4 not this Garbage



2011-06-10 09:19

Currently, BiA Furious 4 is readed as BiA 4.
It can confuse a lot.

Please, change the title to show clearly the difference between BiA and Furious 4

(I suggest :
>Furious 4
>By the creators of Borderlands : Furious 4
>Furious 4 : WW2 War Mess
sad guest

#57 stopfurious4

2011-06-10 14:59

what a waste of effort! Head of concept and key account manager of this project from Gearbox(UBISOFT?) should be warned or fired immediately. I don't mind this game but mixinng it with BIA series is a joke, when I saw the trailer I was thinking like 'it's April Fools day' but unfortunatelly it's not! I fell like those nazist from E3 trailer....tomahawk straight in my head!



2011-06-10 20:09

I want the true brothers in arms!!


2011-06-11 12:39

Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 is a fucking disgrace.

I will never buy another game from Gearbox ever again.

Burn Gearbox to the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



2011-06-11 12:58

#29: achubbysquirrell - Get over it.

Shut up, you cock-mongler.



2011-06-11 13:01

we have been waiting three years for a sequel, not for a bullshit!!
give us back the REAL BiA!!!!



2011-06-11 13:36

BIO is dead...
Guest #9001


2011-06-11 17:36

Seriously though, guys, you are making too big of a deal about this, I am not going to say 'get over it, you twats' or something, but a game developer can do what it wants, even though we CAN express our disappointment, saying that you hate Gearbox/Ubisoft for making a game genre that they like to make, I imagine, due to the amount of these games that have come out from Gearbox, is just kind of sad, I do disagree with the BiA in the name, and think they should drop it, and it would be awesome if they developed more BiA, but they can do what they want.

Guest #9001

#64 Re:

2011-06-11 17:37

#59: YoungGrognard -


I thought this game had a large amount of mature players.



2011-06-11 23:13

dont screw it up  gerabox!!!!!!!

Sgt. Chip "Sarge" Saunders

#66 There is enough BS around here to....

2011-06-12 03:23

Like Mac said in one of the older games: "Theres enough Bull S*** around here to fill a swimming pool!" Theres enough BS that gearbox/ubisoft is saying, we could fill many swimming pools.



2011-06-12 09:16

esto es una desgracia y una falta de respeto a los fans de BIA...espero que ubisoft y gearbox reconsideren y no arruinen esta franquicia...

#68 stop that

2011-06-13 05:56

Stop Furious 4, IT WILL BE AN EPIC FAIL.



2011-06-13 07:56

Ubisoft is behind this retardation, Pitchford even says so in the E3 video.

"...There were games that we'd love to make, and games that we intend to make again, but that's not what I'm here to talk about today. Our partners at UBISOFT challenged us to take an entire new approach..."



2011-06-13 11:54

I fell in love with the series when i was delivered into a dramatic, real world of a band of soldiers, death, hardships, and commanding squads caring about if they die or not under your command, strategic authentic combat....why would i want that changed into inglorious bastards...the veterans and the dead of that war, deserve more respect.



2011-06-13 19:15

You are runing a freaking asome game SHAME ON YOU!!!



2011-06-13 19:55

Stop it!



2011-06-15 00:02

fucking game , just like the movie "inglourious basterds"don't touch at bia , it's three great games
not this shit !!!!!
, i want brothers in arms cold blood
Grown Up

#74 Furious 4 is just a TEST!!

2011-06-15 11:39

Dudes, come on!!

Didnt you listen to Gearbox??

Furious 4 is just a test game..
This means that they will actually release the game Furious 4, but it is just a test..
As Rand Pitchford mentioned, "The story of Matt Baker is NOT OVER!"

So there will be a new BiA which continues the story of MAtt Baker, and Furious 4 is just some sort of Spin-Off game......

Got it????

Now stop creating such useless petitions like this one...



2011-06-15 16:39

Lol grow the fuck up assholes, If they want to make the furious four, just let them do it.
With your silly petition. whiny bitches.