Australia Day Bill of Rights Run Petition


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2014-01-08 16:18

my father was a war veteran he also was a member of the local motor bike club which was called the eagles back in riverstone in the old days jack lang lived across the road from us who was abusive towards us kids i don't trust politicians after he had our home burnt down and he was ripping off the locals getting them too pay a deposit for land then then they lost there money it is all true so there is nothing wrong with bikers it is the attitude of the public as when i was with my first husband we brought a house next door too a club house you know they were the best neighbors i have ever had i never got broken into and when my xs assaulted me they rang the police they wanted too belt him but instead they stuck by the law like most of them do how are we ever going to be able too go too a family pub for a barbie and if some guy walks in and we don't know he is a biker and the police arrive we all get arrested like you have already done too three men so far whose children are frightened and extremely upset that daddy is not coming home as two are out on bail and they are not allowed near there family's are you serious who have no connection too bikers i saw this in a link today maybe you need too watch this and find out who It is a human right too spend time with a family member regardless of who they are and there children will have no respect for the law as you are keeping there fathers from spending time with them this is disgraceful how do you sleep at night PEDOPHILES HAVE MORE RIGHTS THAN THIS THIS IS AGAINST OUR HERITAGE