Does The Organist Entertains on Radio 2 do more harm than good?

John Cooper

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2014-01-18 19:48

The Organ has always suffered in the UK, which is a massive shame because it is the most versatile instrument you can play, just because it uses samples of instruments doesn't mean it makes it easy to play, or that you are cheating. Do they ban pop groups because they use a piano or orchestral sample? No! So why is the organ treated different. It makes me mad to to think how the art of playing the organ is dying because it is not "cool", this has a lot to do with programs like The Organist Entertains which makes people think that the organ is only played in church , we need young players and advertising the instrument like this is no way to attract them. You only have to look at Japan and other countries where it is "cool" to play these instruments and young children enjoy playing them. Why do you never hear the organ played on the TV unless it plays an organ sound? Let's show young people what the organ can do and get more players of these wonderful instruments. Yamaha pulled out of the organ world in the UK yet in Japan and many other countries they still sell the Electone why? Such an amazing instrument yet because of money and lack of players means it will never come back to the UK. BBC sort out your program and come into the future.


John Cooper

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