Does The Organist Entertains on Radio 2 do more harm than good?

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Chris Jones Organist


2014-01-18 11:41

I feel very strongly we are being dictated to by people at the BBC. I love organ music in all its many variations and the radio programme no longer caters for all our tastes



2014-01-18 12:21

YES IT DOES! It's not a true representation of the real organ world out there.

#3 Re:

2014-01-18 12:34

#2: -

I stopped listening to some years ago for exactly the reasons stated by Chris it seems to me the music played is more for a cathedral than the general music fans

peter s


2014-01-18 13:20

Couldn't agree more with the comments expressed by Chris.
The program is awful, and in no way represents the modern organ and player.



2014-01-18 14:46

My grandad listens to this show regularly and he also goes to electronic organ concerts regularly and he appreciates both music. It would therefore be a shame to lose the show because of the limited repetoire being played. Please lets not allow this to happen.



2014-01-18 14:55

The Organist Entertains is an absolutely dreadful program - The BBC need to inject some new life into what has become a tedious and uneventful program.

They should start by getting shot of Ogden ... he's way past his sell by date!



2014-01-18 15:32

I too stopped listening to this programmer due it's rather dull selection of music. I admire any organist playing any organ whether it be classical, Theater, Digital Church Organ or Electronic. However The Organist Entertains does not give me this variety of choice any more. I'll use the TV show Top Gear as an example. I watch it as do many other viewers because it has a variety of different topics old and new. If this show just had older cars or replica cars on the show every week most of it's viewers would stop watching. They have kept up to date and show case the very latest models. This is what The Organist Entertains should be doing too.


Philip Howarth



2014-01-18 16:51

Where does Nigel find so much boring material? I'm happy with both electronics and pipes, but we seem to be getting the 'awful pub pianists' of the organ world! Come on Nigel, forget your old cronies and let's have some good stuff!



2014-01-18 16:54

This programme does more to damage the world of organ music than just about anything I've ever heard! Don't care if we have pipes or electronics, there is much, much better organ music and organists out there - come on Nigel, get with it!

#10 BBC doing disservice to talented musicians

2014-01-18 17:49

By excluding electronic organs, the BBC is hurting not only themselves but the many young and talented keyboard players who perform on a wide range of instruments. The BBC argument is fatuous in that they do not insist that Bach's music only be played on the instruments of his day, nor that new arrangements of classical pieces cannot be played because the recording studio has used electronic devices to perfect the natural sound of a large orchestra. This is a blatant display of musical snobbery that only hurts the future of all serious musical development. One only has to hear the ridiculous criticisms of the increasingly popular André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra to see that, in the eyes of music dinosaurs, any popularization of the classical music platform is anathema to their superior senses. Thus, it is with "The Organist Entertains". Once a popular and entertaining programme that has now become a 'specialist' broadcast for a minority audience. My opinion is that the broadcast is mis-named and on the wrong radio channel. BBC have flouted their own constitutional intent of bringing 'good' programming to a wide audience and it is time that they put this situation right in one way or another.
John Cooper


2014-01-18 20:48

The Organ has always suffered in the UK, which is a massive shame because it is the most versatile instrument you can play, just because it uses samples of instruments doesn't mean it makes it easy to play, or that you are cheating. Do they ban pop groups because they use a piano or orchestral sample? No! So why is the organ treated different. It makes me mad to to think how the art of playing the organ is dying because it is not "cool", this has a lot to do with programs like The Organist Entertains which makes people think that the organ is only played in church , we need young players and advertising the instrument like this is no way to attract them. You only have to look at Japan and other countries where it is "cool" to play these instruments and young children enjoy playing them. Why do you never hear the organ played on the TV unless it plays an organ sound? Let's show young people what the organ can do and get more players of these wonderful instruments. Yamaha pulled out of the organ world in the UK yet in Japan and many other countries they still sell the Electone why? Such an amazing instrument yet because of money and lack of players means it will never come back to the UK. BBC sort out your program and come into the future.


John Cooper



2014-01-18 21:07

Radio 2 need to take a leaf out of how Organ fax radio present a great show. Radio 2 must produce a show that embraces current and up to date electronic sounds as well, that will create interest for younger musicians to enjoy.



2014-01-18 21:34

There are hundreds of wonderful UK organists who never get an opportunity to be aired on programmes such as this. The Organ Societies are sadly on the decline and more should be done to keep them alive and keep people interested. Keep communities socialising and keep players in work.



2014-01-18 21:38

As a 35 year old musician (who has been playing electronic organ since the age of 12) i enjoy music from all walks of life but i stopped listening to the programme when the constant pipe music started years ago.. Very disappointing especially as radio 2 used to play all my tracks.... old stuff but with a modern twist. My phone line used to be constantly ringing for orders for 2+ hours!!! Doesnt this tell you about what people actually want?

The programme is not what it used to be and if you want us youngsters to be interested and carry on the music industry then give us all a good reason to keep playing and learning. How many teens do u know that want to sit and play nothing but pipe.

Please listen yo us that play for a living... wr know what people want. :-)

#15 Re:

2014-01-18 21:41

#9: -

It isnt nigels fault... its the powers that be that tell him what to play as i asked him.



2014-01-18 22:07

Have already written to BBC since "the change" grumbling about the lack of a good organ programme - what about the awful time it is on!!
For Pete's sake there is more in the way of music other than "thump thump"
Get real BBC



2014-01-18 23:22

because i like the electronic organ music very much. And it is wonderful, that there is a radiostation, which is playing this wonderful music.



2014-01-19 00:24

Why don't the BBC watch Dirkjan Ranzjin playing in Denmark, via You Tube, and note how the younger generation appreciate this modern style organ music. A standing ovation was given. Perhaps your ratings would improve if you gave these modern organists some coverage. The UK have some brilliant organists out there. Give them a chance please. Rod Green



2014-01-19 10:45

Thoroughly agree that the current format is totally misguided - lets have more electronics - after all that what we, the amatuer players, have in our homes.



2014-01-19 14:55

It's without doubt that a radio program such as this should support all types of Organ material for the good of the whole business both in the UK and abroad
I and most of my colleagues look forward to a positive outcome for the good of the Organ scene.



2014-01-19 19:05

I stopped listening to Organist Entertains years gone, because of almost no electronic and the rest being of poor quality.



2014-01-19 22:43

Agree 100%. Ceased listening 2 years ago.
Needs to be something like Organ fax radio.


2014-01-19 22:47

We are told by BBC management that it is OUR BBC.
As this is a program for a special interest group why are we not allowed to choose OUR music. On the basis of comments on many organ forums most Organ enthusiasts do not agree with the choices made by anonymous self opinionated BBC play list selectors.

Can anyone associated with the program explain the difference between VIRTUAL organ using a separate computer and a REAL modern organ using a built in dedicated computer or indeed someone "playing" a Hammond digitally connected (MIDIed) to several expanders as broadcast, obviously as a fill-in for about 60 seconds on Thursday last. Hypocrisy, Self interest, meglomania, and short sightedness don't begin to describe those associated with the program and "desirous of entertaining the enthusiast" certainly doesn't. The banner displayed on Freeview to describe the program indicates how careless they are. If it weren't in breach of the trades descriptions act it should have been "Selections from the entertaining world of organ music"

Even if we have to listen only to pipes or Hammonds (midied or otherwise) at least select organists who can play, who don't cover their inadequacies by choosing unknown music or aren't even capable of musically covering up their mistakes. If I wanted to listen to that I would just record my own "playing".

Incidentally I listen to every show as I record it and listen at a reasonable hour. I can say the in the last 6 months I have only been entertained for about 20 minutes in total.



2014-01-19 22:56

The BBC have to realise that Music and the making of, have moved on over the years and modern instruments have led to more variation, such as the inclusion of other instruments in the overall tunes.



2014-01-20 00:49

bring back the electronic organ music not pipes and Cinerama organs :)

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