Say no to stalybridge mosque


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2014-03-01 00:45

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I think honestly, The fact that we're all screaming out the word NO that we do NOT want a mosque THEY [The Council] probably think we are being "Racist" for not wanting one and that makes ME LOL. So we are "Racist's" are we just because we dont yet ANOTHER Islamic Mosque being bulit in Britain??? Give me a break for heaven's sake. Hell, Why not give the UK another name instead being "Great Britain" it should be called Muslim or Islam Britain. The sher amount of Muslims and Islams in this country out-number's White Christian's by about almost Half a Million to 1 and it's actually [in my opinion] pretty sad to see. We have more Mosque's than Christian Sunday Churche's in almost every town in every City in the UK and it's only getting more and more Expansive.  Now I'm DEFINETLY NOT a Racist I'm only speaking of the way I see this country!!!

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