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2014-02-28 12:35




2014-02-28 13:22

If Tameside labour council go ahead with this proposed mosque, they will never get my vote again, how many times do the residents of Stalybridge have to keep telling them. WE DONT WANT A MOSQUE....


#3 Tameside Council.

2014-02-28 13:42

It looks like the Labour controlled council are starting to treat its residents with contempt. Come the local elections, I for one will be seriously considering turning my back on The Labour Party and start voting for UKIP.

I suggest that everyone with concerns regarding this matter contact their council and councillor and inform them, in no uncertain terms, about how angry you are. Only when these people start to realise that their seats are in jeopardy, will they start to take this matter seriously and start to listen, for once, about their residents concerns. If on the other hand, we do nothing, then they will just continue to carry on in this way, mugging us about and treating us like fools.



2014-02-28 14:14

Hi does anyone know the whereabouts of this new proposed mosque

#5 Not Needed and Not Wanted!

2014-02-28 15:11

I can't believe after all the comments last time re proposed Mosque in Stalybridge, that Tameside Council are even contemplating permission for what could possibly be a Mosque but rather disguised as a 'Community Centre'
Bearing in mind that Tameside Council is Labour controlled which is self-explanatory as neither Labour nor the Conservatives or Liberals have any idea how to get things right and listen to the people.

All this 'we have to look after others coming into our country' i.e. building Mosques etc to placate them is nonsense, we are a Westernised country with Westernised morals, values etc and others coming to our beautiful country should adhere to this and not want to change, build or anything else in our country but provide something for it by working and providing for our country like the rest of us.

So yes we must say no to this so called 'Community Centre disguised as a Mosque and any others in the country, after all look at all the other cities and towns in the United Kingdom that have been ruined completely, shops shutting, no one wanting to live in them and how this is having a massive negative impact on the Great British people as a whole ............... Just ask around and one will find out as long as it is of course safe to speak your mind now!



2014-02-28 15:56

did you ask for the snooty woman's name,as we know anything islamic weather it's a community center or not is used as a mosque..



2014-02-28 17:48

we do not want a mosque,or a community centre in Stalybridge,it will just encourage youths to start causing trouble and a lot of elderly people like myself are scared when there are lads and girls hanging about at nighttime,and sometimes daytime.



2014-02-28 19:49

yes must be stopped they have too many already in ashton and hyde
Shameside MBC


2014-02-28 23:32

If You oppose start by boycotting Raja Bros, they own the building. Essentially mosques are a centre of community worship where Muslims perform. centre of community, Community centre, same thing just twist it.! Its a Mosque. If as the council say its not a mosque then why is a minister of religion involved in this?... Lets face it Tameside council are doing away with communities as we knew them & bending over backwards for a new community of voters.....

#10 Re:

2014-03-01 01:45

#2: -

I think honestly, The fact that we're all screaming out the word NO that we do NOT want a mosque THEY [The Council] probably think we are being "Racist" for not wanting one and that makes ME LOL. So we are "Racist's" are we just because we dont yet ANOTHER Islamic Mosque being bulit in Britain??? Give me a break for heaven's sake. Hell, Why not give the UK another name instead being "Great Britain" it should be called Muslim or Islam Britain. The sher amount of Muslims and Islams in this country out-number's White Christian's by about almost Half a Million to 1 and it's actually [in my opinion] pretty sad to see. We have more Mosque's than Christian Sunday Churche's in almost every town in every City in the UK and it's only getting more and more Expansive.  Now I'm DEFINETLY NOT a Racist I'm only speaking of the way I see this country!!!

John wayne gacy

#11 I say

2014-03-03 05:34

Gtfo my town



2014-03-03 20:20

A community centre ! oh how good is that, we need somewhere to meet to for our "free range Pigs" club, a group of us all get together each year and raise our own tasty pork.. oh hold on we already have a community centre !!



2016-02-06 12:54

This is what you get when you vote socialists in like Labour. Little wonder Tameside as never evolved and starting to resemble Islamabad. Start voting for an independent party.


#14 Re:

2016-02-06 13:44

#2: -  

 Labour's success is dependent upon the Postal Votes which we all know can be rigged. This method needs to be stopped otherwise the other parties won't get a look in.

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