Say no to stalybridge mosque


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2014-02-28 14:11

I can't believe after all the comments last time re proposed Mosque in Stalybridge, that Tameside Council are even contemplating permission for what could possibly be a Mosque but rather disguised as a 'Community Centre'
Bearing in mind that Tameside Council is Labour controlled which is self-explanatory as neither Labour nor the Conservatives or Liberals have any idea how to get things right and listen to the people.

All this 'we have to look after others coming into our country' i.e. building Mosques etc to placate them is nonsense, we are a Westernised country with Westernised morals, values etc and others coming to our beautiful country should adhere to this and not want to change, build or anything else in our country but provide something for it by working and providing for our country like the rest of us.

So yes we must say no to this so called 'Community Centre disguised as a Mosque and any others in the country, after all look at all the other cities and towns in the United Kingdom that have been ruined completely, shops shutting, no one wanting to live in them and how this is having a massive negative impact on the Great British people as a whole ............... Just ask around and one will find out as long as it is of course safe to speak your mind now!

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