/ #6 President, CEO at World Ship, Digital Commerce USA, LLC

2012-12-12 20:09

TO : President, CEO at World Ship, Digital Commerce USA, LLC
On behalf of Worldship customers who were affected by the recent issues by your company which are summarized by the following:

Failure to notify customers in advance– by any official mean- that the company is receiving a huge volume of shipments which is going to delay processing shipments; so customers could find alternatives if they wish to do so.

2. Delay in logging shipments into customer accounts

3. ’Misentering the actual values of the shipments' items.

4. Delay in preparing the shipments

5. Delay in issuing invoices

6.delay in forwarding the customers' shipments to couriers

7. Loss of some of the customer shipments and not providing a clear reasoning or answer.

8. Provoking Customers by the irresponsibility, disrespect, and carelessness by the majority of customer services representatives in many channels (online chat, help center, Facebook, twitter, and supported forums) and giving false promises.

9. Accusing some customers that the delay is caused by them.

10. Not honoring the customer-company agreement which was sign virtually upon registration in which doesn’t state the possibility of any delay that might occur by the company itself. In the contrary it’s indicated in the first page that shipments are logged and shipped within 2-4 days with DHL express.

Therefore; we are here still have a tiny hope that the issue will be resolve without going thru the legal channels, and our demand are represented by the followings:

A nominal damage fee of 5-10 $ for each day of delay beyond three (3) business days of receiving the shipments from the courier according to the value of the shipment and to the type of shipment requested.

A refund for customers who choice DHL Express Worldwide or FedEx International Priority which was not executed accordingly, and such shipments will be dealt as economy.
for customers who paid couriers extra fees for an expedite shipments.

A full refund for lost shipments in addition to 5$ a day for not responding to the customers that the shipment is lost if the customer contacted customer services thru the official channels.

Awarding 25% discount of the total shipment amount for affected customers by a discount for one year
We expect your kind feedback by the 19th of December, 2012 as a deadline.