Ban Tail Docking on Dogs in Ireland

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2013-11-10 12:21

Just cannot believe tail docking not outlawed! Its barbaric and never necessary (under any circumstances) despite all the excuses being passed around! Why are we will in the Dark Ages in Ireland!



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2013-11-11 10:50:29

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2013-11-12 22:36:36

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How on earth could the government be looking to allow people with no medical experience to mutilate a dog like this.  Barry's post below says it is currently illegal. Am I to believe that they are trying to make this legal.  This must not happen



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2013-11-13 15:43:20

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You ought to think before making a comment. As we are keeping dogs as pets indoors they have less space to wag their tails and by hitting furniture they will actually end up with fractures and infections as a result. I used to have a Doberman with a docked tail and one with long tail. was never out of the vets with the long tailed one. same goes for ears.

However it should be performed by a vet in my opinion, and  as goes for Ireland, regulation and monitoring of breeders is far more important.


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2013-11-16 08:34:19

#1: - I agree its just for aesthetic reasons. Crazy