"Clayton Luclay Misoya" ROBBED OF VICTORY

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2011-08-02 12:09

We want South Africa to stop hosting aand participating in this competition.



#549 Re: Luclay Misoya robbed of victory

2011-08-03 00:55:08

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Yes, SA should stop hosting the BBA show.  Give another African country the opportunity to host the show and guess what, the standard will not be so high.  Honestly, we were robbed.  Luclay dont worry, you will soar in the midst of adversity.  It was always you and Karen from the beginning of the show.  It was a pleasure watching the 2 of you, right to the end.  Hannie, Sharon O, Wendall and Vina should not have been amongst the finalists.  There were other contestants who were more amplified.