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2014-11-19 19:52

The family is free to voice their opinions just as those who disagree are...we can never fear saying what we think if America is to remain a free country.



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2014-11-20 03:25:55

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 The First Amendment gives us the rights of freedom of speech, press, and religion.  They are the fundamental rights our country was founded on.  The Duggars have the right to their own opinions concerning their own religious views.  This is what democracy is about.


If you don't like the themes/discussions of a TV show, TURN THE CHANNEL.  No one forces you to watch a particular show.


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2014-11-20 07:42:11

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 It is a free country, which is why there is no legal perscution against the Duggars for their opinion, nor will there ever be.  That is what we are protected from.  People seem to forget that this isn't a legal conversation, it's a moral one. 

HOWEVER seeing as how it's a free country and a free market, people are also allowed to join together to raise their voices to tell a private business that they don't like them sponsoring what the Duggars say, believe, and do.   Namely, giving monetary support to state enforced discrimination.

Then the private business gets to decide whether or not they want to keep representing said family after listening to the voices of their watchers and the free market. 

Isn't it wonderful to live in a free country? :D


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2015-05-22 00:28:57

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 Their son, Josh is a child molester.  They condemn others, but it is they who shall be condemned. 


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2015-06-16 15:37:04

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 Just as the gays feel they must stand up for their rights, the Duggars stand up for God's Word. The homosexual community and its supporters cannot stand it when others take God's side. They cannot respect the rights and freedoms of others to excercise their own, when it isn't what the gays (and their supporters) want. They want everyone to agree with them. God forbid if anyone stands up for morality. The scripture shows us that God wants us to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. It is supposed to be the the number 1 relationship in our lives! They deny God and His Word for wanton pleasures that are temporary and do not matter as much as acknowledging & respecting their Creator! Sad to say, but they will pay the ultimate price if they continue this brazen path. Atheists, as well. They have a rude awakening awaiting them, that they laughingly think isn't coming. Or their consciences are so seared, they just don't care right now. Science and Hedonism is their "golden calf". I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.