Суд над Бхагавад-гитой / Attempt to ban Bhagavad-gita

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2011-12-16 14:43

people should have free access to this great product



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2011-12-17 00:35:25

of course people in cities with computers and internet - get information from internet, Gita as it is etc. But in villages without computers - they (Church) can do what they want - allow killing cows (only very few christians, jews and muslims are vegetarians), drinking wine instead of juice (like jews did) etc. According to their inner necessity they will get association. Maybe it is not such a big problem - India has many temples and books - but they have many offenders, aparadhis and mayavadis who consider Krishna (God) to be maya, illusion, but here church just say that Krishna is demon, but do not say that Krishna is illusion. So some 'transcendentalists' in India can be more dangerous according to Prabhupada, because they are offenders. Some indians also offend Prabhupada of course. But what can we do? Russia is just 20 after atheistic USSR, so even church is still under influence of Marx Lenin Engels, scientific atheism-communism, marxism-leninism etc... it is there in subconsiousness. Actually these atheists introduced word "sect" themselves. You can see history of this term. So later it was token by sectologists... See apasampradaya tradition? - from atheists - term went to church? Now even Vatican says that Darwin is not agasint Church. But Darwin rejected God after all. Same Vatican considers Hare Krishna in same line as satanists etc. So they are all followinf Aristotle's mayavada. They think that there is GOd, but He must be impersonal or material, maya. So this is common for many churches. And we cannot change this mayavada. It is tradition for few thousands of years. It is their karma of all past lifetimes. Only one of thousands are more spiritual, and of them - still few are more. So of them only few are pure devotees. Prabhupada - is one in billions. He is on no worse level then Jesus Mohammad Buddha Krishna Zoroaster Sokrates, or sometimes even better - spiritual master is more merciful even than God (Krishna) Himself.


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