Justice for Jasmine

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2012-06-08 23:05

Im sick to death of hearing the old saying in Belize "when its your time". Whata bunch of rass. It is the mentality of the Police dept. in belize every time they have to deal with a case like this. It is a bullshit excuse for pure lazyness!!!! IT WAS NOT THIS LITTLE GIRLS TIME!!!!!! and we need to stop thinking like this as a community and we need to demand that our public servants, POLICE, are capable of doing their job or ELSE!!!!

as long as the san ignacio police dept keep up their smiling smug non shalaunt attitude, this type of shit will continue to go on and get worse. Belize is attracting these types of criminals purely for the reason they know they wont get caught by the idiotic police that we as taxpayers waste our money on. Enough is enough. shut down the country, burn the bridges, close the banks, stop the port. break the prime ministers door down if we have to. if our children our not safe then we are dead as a nation!!



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2018-11-07 18:15:39

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You are so right! I have been searching for my daughter's murderer in Belize for over two years now.  THere are a LOT of FOREIGN criminals in your country! 

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