Justice for Jasmine

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2012-06-08 23:51

Justice For Jasmine...



2012-06-08 23:58

Please procure the help of a specialist ...please reach out to US Embassy. British High Commission and any professional in the diaspora that can help.



2012-06-09 00:05

Im sick to death of hearing the old saying in Belize "when its your time". Whata bunch of rass. It is the mentality of the Police dept. in belize every time they have to deal with a case like this. It is a bullshit excuse for pure lazyness!!!! IT WAS NOT THIS LITTLE GIRLS TIME!!!!!! and we need to stop thinking like this as a community and we need to demand that our public servants, POLICE, are capable of doing their job or ELSE!!!!

as long as the san ignacio police dept keep up their smiling smug non shalaunt attitude, this type of shit will continue to go on and get worse. Belize is attracting these types of criminals purely for the reason they know they wont get caught by the idiotic police that we as taxpayers waste our money on. Enough is enough. shut down the country, burn the bridges, close the banks, stop the port. break the prime ministers door down if we have to. if our children our not safe then we are dead as a nation!!



2012-06-09 00:07

We need to see justice!!!! an innocent life cannot go like a dead dog in the streets! Jasmine has people who cares!!!Catch them and hang them in public!



2012-06-09 00:10

i totally agree with u....



2012-06-09 00:19

Sounds as though it's pure laziness on the doc's part.



2012-06-09 00:20

All women of all ages should unite and state in one voice, " NO MORE!!! "



2012-06-09 00:35

I hope they find the bastard who killed a beautiful and innocent child i have a daughter so i wouldn't know what i'll do if it was her.May she RIP and an angle to her family



2012-06-09 00:46

Write a comment...the animal that does this needs to b found n pursicuted to the fullest if it was left to me he don't deserve to live sleep onn jas hope it was quick n was was not tourcher for a long time babe Belize love u n Jesus even more



2012-06-09 00:48

I think the police needs to be trained to do a good investigation. Also we need dna testing for cases like these. Belize is a big country we need to get up to date with forensic technology.
The Doc!

#11 We deserve better

2012-06-09 01:02

More than laziness this is more a case of incompetence and lack of adequate tools.
Well trained pathologists will determine cause of death even if only bones are left, Belize only has one trained pathologist as far as I know, dr. Sanchez.
Concur will all, this is unacceptable and we demand better



2012-06-09 01:04

We want Justice for Jasmine, we want authorities to find the person or persons involve in this horrible crime, if their is someone who saw something please say something. The person or persons involved in this crime should be tortured and done the same thing that Jasmine went through. Make they feel pain and suffer the same pain this poor inoccent child went through.



2012-06-09 01:16

Things have to change in our country, we have had enough of the government not doing nothing to protect the teenagers of Belize.



2012-06-09 01:40

Belize need a special place for autopsy's to be done properly, and not on site, that is ridiculous.



2012-06-09 01:51




2012-06-09 01:53

Hope that evil person keeps being tormented at night and cant sleep. God bless Jasmine innocent soul.



2012-06-09 01:56

i would suggest that there be a country wide shut down of all schools as a sign to the police dept and Government about seriousness for the safety of our children. To show them we are serious about change in our policy.



2012-06-09 01:57

if ever ther was a time to stand for a just cause, now is that time. I feel for the family, my heart is torn. i know the sentiments.. So sorry



2012-06-09 02:07

I think it's between the family and the law, but at all means i believe it should be done.



2012-06-09 02:16

My prayer is that this person will not sleep, this person will not be able to rest until he/she confess to this murder. conviction to hit him/her like a ton of bricks, until he/she confess to the police.



2012-06-09 02:52



2012-06-09 03:02

Jasmine was an innocent child. Her life was cut short, she was taken away from her family and friends who love her dearly. It is time for the police department and our government people get together and find this person and put him where he belongs for many years so he cannot harm anyone else. Hope the person responsible will have no rest and that he may turn himself in.
Rest in peace Jasmine. Praying that God may comfort her family members during such tragic time.



2012-06-09 03:10

Justice for Jasmine



2012-06-09 03:25

Its time to take back control of our country too much young children are dying ....justice for Jasmine...




2012-06-09 03:53

Belize has to step and start convicting such heartless criminals... Show that you have a brain ans use it!!!!

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