Free internet access for Ukrainian crew members onboard AIDA vessels


We, the Ukrainian members of the crew on board your fleet have signed these petition to ask for the following.

We, the Ukrainian members of the crew are grateful for everything AIDA Cruises has done to support us in these uncertain times. From the organisation of transport to adjusted contracts, accommodations and more. We appreciate this help very much.

The opportunity you have given us, to reach our families, our partners & loved ones during these times without worrying about the costs to cover was a big help and we did not take it for granted.

But now, this service is no longer an option. We understand that costs are involved but the war is far from over. Our families are still there, fighting for their lives, fighting for their and our freedom and our country. Actions and attacks are happening 24/7. Being able to reach them when needed is crucial for us. We are worrying about them. We are scared as well. When we cant reach them after an attack. This uncertainty is very hard to deal with.

Now, we shall pay again for certainty? Now we shall see that AIDA Cruises support for Ukraine has limits? Mr Eichhorn, we, the Ukrainian members of the crew urge you to reconsider your decision to make the Internet access chargeable again. We don’t ask to have a free pass for all time but as long as the war is ongoing, as long as our families are in danger, this is the only connection we have.

Most of us, are Cast members, performing every night on stage for your guests and shall carry a smile. We can only wear that smile for so long until we break.


The signees request to allow the internet access for the duration of the war to be non-chargeable for all Ukrainian crew members as well other countries directly affected with the war.


This petition is signed from 14-05-2023

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