Free the Rooisand marsh horses!

21 Rooisand Free Roaming Wild Horses are currently Trapped on Lamloch farm.

Why does the landowner want them on his land among antelope and probably elephant?

We say the horses must be FREE. They must be let out in order to graze again at the edge of the Bot, and to find their way past the massive electrified fence to the far western marshes and grazing resources that are plentiful for them. (The Bot estuary is between Hermanus and Kleinmond in the Overstrand, Western Cape, South Africa.)

FREE THE ROOISAND HORSES! Let them live their destinies, roaming in the marshes unhindered by the human hand.  

The Rooisand horses have roamed the Lamloch swamps for many decades. They are heritage horses which belong to no one, and yet belong to everyone.They have inspired thousands of people across the Overstrand, South Africa and the world through their beauty, their hardiness and resilience, their wildness and their mystery and romance ... until an electrificed game fence enclosed them, and separated them from each other, and from their roaming grounds around the Bot estuary and the wetlands through to near Kleinmond.

The landowner has shown no intention of releasing them. 

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