Free Willie Minor wrongfully accused a death row inmate

Willie Minor was wrongfully accused of a crime in 1995 he did not committ.Approximately,one hour after arriving home to attend to his son Ebius Jennings ,and relieving the mother who was taken care him all day of her duties.He never knew returning home would forever alter his life..With in minutes after arriving home the mother Lakeisha Jennings immediately left stating the child was asleep. She returned home about an half an hour later. Willie suggested that she check on Ebius it was not normal for him to sleep for such a long period of time. This all takes place within the one hr Willie arrived home with his son. LakeishaJennings,stated that Ebius breathing was a little slow, but she thought it was from him being sick with a cold and medicine she had given him. After checking Ebius himself; Willie suggested they take the child to the hospital instead.Ms. Jennings phoned her mother who transported them there. After arriving at the hospital the doctors stated the baby had passed from "Shaken Baby Syndrome" and homicide was contacted. Lakeisha Jennings mother immediately contacted her brother and daughter both law enforcement officers to come to the hospital.Exactly 90 min after Ebius death the lead detective had already arrived and personally accused Mr. Minor of committing the crime. There wasn't a thorough investigation nor a revisit of a crime scene. The investigation that took place by the lead detective was little and both Lakeisha Jennings sister and uncle who were both officers of the law was allowed  to participate in what little investigation that was conducted.. Willie Minor was given a polygraph and passed but the Judge did not allow it as evidence in court.Ms. Jennings was never even ask to take one. However, Lakeisha Jennings gave several conflicted accounts  and statements on what happened the day of and the days prior to the death of Ebius being that she was the  sole caregiver for Ebius. Willie worked daily to support his family and didn't spend as much time with Ebius as he had wanted. Lakeisha Jennings, admitted to her best friend that she indeed cause the death of Ebius and when she ( the friend) was ordered to court to give that very statement under oath the courts still refuse to set him free..Ms.Jennings had two other children at the time from a previous relationship and the father of those children was never ordered come to court to shed light on her untrustworthy behavior. Ms.Jennings,has stated before Ebius was born she didn't want to be a mother. In fact, she wanted a abortion. Witnesses was willing to testify stating that as well; but yet they were never ordered to appear in court.Lakeisha Jennings, has made several questionable visits to the hospitals with her other children throughout the duration that Willie has been on death row. Visits which include: unexplainable broken bones even laceration to her child's head. When questioned by the medical staff about the lacerations she stated that the hospital caused the lacerations to her child's head, and tried to pursue a lawsuit against the hospital.This speaks volumes about Ms. Jennings character. This should have been enough  evidence to prove Willie's innoncence and prove when put in a situation where Ms Jennings  has to account for abusing her children she would result to accusing others.Ms.Jennings, clearly suffers from mental illness to follow through with a lawsuit and convincing herself mentally that the hospital committed such an act. She has a history of abusing her children.Yet, the judge wouldn't allow any of this as admissable evidence in court. The only real  justice that has came from this case is that the police department got to witness first hand the true character of the lead detective who handled this case so poorly.In 1999 the detective was forced to resign after being arrested for trying to run his wife off the road in a patrol car while on duty. This shows he is clearly a man with no regards to the law to committ a crime while operating his work vehicle.Willie Minor, was guilty before trial. Lakeisha Jennings had the law on her side before they reported to the hospital that awful night.She had relatives on the police force and her mother called them to the hospital only to persuade the doctors and detectives in her daughters favor.They should have never been allowed to participate in the investigation. Prejudice!!  His rights were not only taken away from him, but they where violated in so many ways its unbearing. This trial should have neve taken place and definitely not in this County. If you feel that this is an injustice I beg of you to please sign this petition. Let your voices be heard and pray that together we can save the innocent.We the family, friends,and supporters of Willie Minor willingly petition the courts of Alabama State and Appeals to revisit this case and ask that you allow all evidence to be heard that we strongly agree subsequently will set him free.