Our beloved Jewish worrier Michael Jacobs has been arrested 5 days ago and will spend Rosh Hashana in jail. Why? He's a non-violant protester against the anti-semitic BDS-orientated demonstrators in the centre of Amsterdam. Were they are, Michael tracks them down and just silently stands besides them, to show the truth an to support pro-jewish visitors of the centre of Amsterdam. The BDS-supporters show the public horrifying pictures of atrocities taken place in Syria and other muslim countries, to tell the public that this is what Israel did to the Palestinians. He often gets attacked, called names and spit on by these anti-semites. This time they violated his space again. In stead of arresting the violaters, Michael was arrested. Why? He pushed his attacker away and a jacket of the attacker was torn a bit and his phone was broken. The BDS-attacker wasn't arrested at all! reason to keep Michael in jail. This friday his case will be in court. This Rosh Hashana our Jewish worrier will spend in jail! A big shame! Please sign our petition and help us to free Michael and to chase BDS from our beloved Amsterdam.michael1.jpg


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