Furuviksparken Sweden should have an animal ban

On 14 Dec 2022, four chimpanzees where shot
to death in Furuviksparken Sweden. A fifth was
shot wounded. When the monkeys escaped,
Furuvik chose to take hunters there who shot
(executed) them. No other options
were tried before - even though
alternatives existed. At the time of
this writing, over a day after the escape,
the shot-wounded monkey has not yet
been treated and no one knows if it
is even alive despite being inside the
How Parks & Resorts handled this situation
shows major deficiencies in competence and
knowledge. Furthermore, they have not handled
the situation based on the best interests of the
animals, but instead exposed them to unnecessary
suffering and stress, which goes against our
animal welfare laws.

We therefore demand that the company
Parks & Resorts Scandinavia, which owns
Furuviksparken, be subject to an animal ban
and thus no longer be allowed to operate
Furuviksparken or any other zoos. We also demand that the animals still
living in the park, regardless of species,
should receive good animal care and be
allowed to continue living their lives in the
best possible way. No more animals from the
park are to be executed.

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