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To the Gainesville City Commission:

We the undersigned vigorously object to the City’s proposal to do away with single-family zoning. We believe this proposal will disproportionately impact historic African-American neighborhoods and families in economically-challenged neighborhoods close to UF and Depot Park. Moreover, we believe this proposal will lead to a reduction in home-ownership, an important way for all citizens of all races to build family wealth.

We object to any comprehensive plan amendment that eliminates single-family land use city-wide and replaces it with a land use category that allows construction of multi-family housing. We believe the proposed amendment will negatively and irreversibly impact our neighborhoods.

Our objections to the proposal are rooted in the following:

  • The City failed to build community consensus through broad community participation.
  • The proposed Amendment is inconsistent with a number of other policies found in the City’s comprehensive plan.
  • The City failed to demonstrate the elimination of single-family zoning is successful in achieving the stated goal of an increase in affordable housing stock.
  • The City did not present the required estimate of the maximum number of additional dwelling units that would result from the amendment.
  • The City did not undertake the necessary technical assessments to project the cost associated with infrastructure upgrades required to accommodate the maximum number of additional dwelling units. Specifically, there is no accounting for sewer, stormwater, on-street parking, and the provision of public open space.
  • The City did not consider the historic and cultural significance of African American neighborhoods that would be forever changed with adoption.  

You have constantly stated that you want to listen to your communities - well here is a chance to do just that. Please hear us and change the poor course of action you propose.

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