Gautrain Bus For Buccleuch Kelvin

This makes no sense at all. Bombela Operating Company (Pty) Ltd have arranged for shuttles to Woodmead and yet after several requests from Buccleuch residents asking for the service, still nothing. Buccleuch and Kelvin are right next the station and yet we cannot access the station without transport because no taxis or busses use the route from/to Buccleuch to Marlboro Station. We are aware that your shuttle busses are parked overnight in Buccleuch in Muller Street North and we have seen a bus on Old Pretoria Road from Midrand towards Sandton, but there are no routes along Old Pretoria Road, yet... so it does not stop anywhere.

This service can actually benefit the residence of Kelvin, as well because the bus can come straight to Buccleuch using North Way - do its rounds in Buccleuch and exit Buccleuch on Perth Street then do pick-ups along Old Pretoria Road on route to Kelvin. Access Kelvin using South Way and do its rounds and then exit Kelvin on Marlboro Drive and straight to the Marlboro Station.

Having this service will assist the residents of Buccleuch with the traffic issues of getting out of Buccleuch in the morning... in fact it may even drop the traffic levels in the morning by half. This service will also offer a peace of mind to the parents, who have kids traveling from attending classes in Auckland Park or JHB CBD or Braamfontein or from school in Sandton or even from the Pretoria side.

So many kids and families use Gautrain in Buccleuch, but cannot access the services without having to use their cars...and for those without cars it means either taking a taxi to Alex and then to Sandton, to access the sandton station or a taxi to Midrand to get to access the Mindrand station, depending on which direction you are going, off course...

Residents of Buccleuch and Kelvin, please sign this petition, so that we can get Bombela Operating Company (Pty) Ltd to create a route that will benefit the residents of Buccleuch and Kelvin...