We, the undersigned, hereby demand from Samaa TV in no uncertain terms and with all the venom we can possibly muster that Maya Khan be taken off the air for her wanton attack on the privacy of indiviuals within this nation, the nerve to assume the role of moral police, the balls to subject people to abject humiliation on TV whose only 'crime' is spending time with someone they love, and - of course - for being an absolutely hypocricital, insufferable and colossal BITCH.

If you are a Pakistani that subsrcibes to the ideologies of freedom, of liberty, of honesty and of the credo "live and let live", please sign this petition and let your voice be heard, because we may not have TV cameras and a troop of asinine medieval men and women who vent their own frustrations by running after people trying to 'catch them red-handed', but we sure as shit do have the Internet. Until SOPA passes anyway.