Give me back my child




Dear Citizens, Dear friends I am a father of a sweet girl that was taken by the Centre for Social Welfare Branch of Zemun and on 31.12.2013 was soon will mark a year since she did not sanama .... Year is approaching and we were not allowed to see it .... the Centre for social Welfare us brutally took the child and placed himself above the law and the court, they were kidnapped child that date and filed a lawsuit 02.05.2014 and since then the battle is for the child before the First Instance Court on new Belgrade ..... the child was taken under the accusation that he was grossly neglected by both parents, which is absolutely not true and my parents and our legal representatives battle we fight for her return home .... it is a blunder because the child is not grossly neglected nor is any life threatened as alleged in the indictment ..... at one social network facebook group was established from day one and she has many friends, relatives, co-workers working parents, all who are there to give a huge support to this troubled and sad story to an end and that the child return home .... the child is 18 October this year reached the age of one year have not allowed us to see it, here is coming to an end and also the year when parents saved their youngest kids division packets of us still does not allow to see it let alone her and we as parents give the packet as well as all parents will do their decija take this opportunity to pay all of you to give strong support to the child return home because the child is our first and only joy that we have to appeal to as my father, it is an appeal to the whole of her family, mothers, grandparents, an uncle who were inconsolable almost a year ..... the strike of lawyers in the course of three hearings were moved the next is scheduled for January 23, 2015, and we are in great uncertainty how long will all this traje.Snažnom support, petition I ask you to give us pomognete.Ja I addressed all relevant institutions from newspapers, television, the Prime Minister, the Honourable President Tomislav Nikolic .. ... We ask you to help us.




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