Give the Tachs Exam In Person

Last week the Diocese announced they will be giving the 2023 Tachs Exam remotely again.  As we all know Most if not All NYS Test exams are given in Schools.  Last year when the Tachs exam was given by the remote method, many kids struggled for many differnent reasons.  Some of the compalints from Parents were :

-Poor / Spotty Wifi Service

-Distractions from others living in the same building including fighting neighbors, construction etc.

-Some families are living with over 6 people in a One Bedroom apartment and could not find the relaxation and quietness that a test of this magnitude requires.

The list of complaints go on and on.  What we do know is that when the test is given in person it gives eveyone the same advantage and makes it a Equal playing field.  A group of us started this petition to show the Dioceses (ALL OF THEM) that we will not allow this to happen.  Multiple people have reached out to some Diocese employees with no luck.  Deacon McCormick ( BROOKLYN Superintendent) Asssistant returned a phone call stating this will never change.  Another reply included that all the Dioceses agreed to do it remote.  However these generic repsonses and the "Get use to it, its never changing" attitude from the Assistants is unacceptable.  

The exam is going to be given in Novemeber, we have time to show them that the Parents want a EQUAL PLAYING FIELD for ALL, and the only way to do that, is by giving the exam in Person at School.  

We will be fighting this to the end.  If we don't find a resolution we will take it to Court. I would think that any Judge in NYC would agree, That every Kid deserves the same oppertunity as the kid who sits next to them.  Let us be the voice for the people who cannot speak up. Thank you

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