Give us the Wax Figure of Keanu Reeves! Madame Tussaud's Hollywood & London Team!

We love and appreciate your hard work on great figures! You created so many wonderful copies of our favorite Stars!

But we as the Keanu Reeves Fan Community miss one figure: the one of KEANU REEVES

We are appeal now: Give us the figure of Keanu Reeves! It's one, we think is really missing in your "collection".


Keanu Reeves made many great movies and is one of the Stars, that literally never get old. He is a huge part of the Hollywood History.

Please, do us a little favor and create the picture of our favorite star!


We, the Keanu Reeves Fan Community, thank you a lot for understanding and hope, that we soon can see our Idol in the Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in Hollywood and London, later maybe in the other Muesums, too.



The Keanu Reeves Fan Community