Giyani Community Radio

All residents, NGO's, churches and business people of Giyani are invited to sign this petition, in support of the creation of a community radio station, for Giyani and its surrounding areas. The community radio will become a forum to inform, raise issues, promote local business, encourage community benefit structures, fight crime, crime alert, entertain, educate and facilitate various activities and events, by and for the residential and business community of Giyani, and surrounding areas. This will ensure that even those with 'small' voices can be heard.

Government can also use the same forum to communicate matters relating to the local community and to address socio-economic concerns and solutions. Various announcements can also be made.

We are calling on all to sign: Churches, NGO's, businesses, Local Authorities, Government Officials, Political Leaders and members, Community Structures, Learners, Workers, Pensioners, The Unemployed, and all residents of Giyani, Surrounding places and Villages.