Global Syrian Refugee Crisis (Canada offer Humanitarian aid)

Global Syrian refugee crisis, more specifically that refugees are not receiving support and are not being widely accepted by countries bordering Syria. Refugees fleeing from their war torn homeland are seeking a safe place to live where they can feel out of harm’s way again. However the range of acceptance has become narrow for them as bordering countries see them as a potential threat to bringing conflict with them, therefore refuse to let Syrian refugees cross their heavily guarded borders. These Syrian refugees are running away from several horrific factors such as torture, imprisonment, bombing of their homes, restrictions against water, food and medical care and mass genocide. More than 200,000 Syrians have died in the past four years. According to the United Nations, another four million have left the country.Eight million Syrians have been displaced within their own country, others live in refugee camps just outside and many have escaped to foreign countries without any refugee protection, including jobs and education. This issue connects to the concept of political significance because it has a long lasting impact, affects many people across the globe, and many people are for and against the issue. Many global citizens are running protests to help support refugees, they are donating money and goods as well. However the opposing side doesn’t stand low, on a more government level, many fear a violent threat could come into their own countries with the Syrian refugees entering, and they fail to realize the humanity aspect of the situation. Overall I feel strongly that Syrian refugees deserve our full support and care, whether it’s financially, emotionally or physically.