GMIS Students Education

Dear Respected People in Charge,  

We the GMIS (Gifted Minds International School) Community humbly request our symbol of genuine interest and in all fairness to advocate for our children’s international Education at GMIS.     We, the Parents of GMIS want the following to be rectified imminently:  

LAPSE IN SAFETY & SECURITY: *The major lapse in safety and security for our children where we have witnessed unauthorized people walking in and out of the school building as this causes worry and insecurity. We are upset with the lapse in security and safety measure, which Amstelveen Gemeente has failed to address immediately and till to this date no plan of action has been done.  

Yearly Lease: *We GMIS Parents are very upset with the yearly lease, which shows uncertainty as we have invested huge sums of money to arrange expensive rental arrangements to stay near the school for the benefit of our children. *GMIS has also invested a substantial amount of money to fix the playground and cosmetic renovation to make it aesthetically appealing to the parents and children of GMIS. *Some of us have decided to withdraw due to the uncertainty and discontinuity this “Yearly Lease” arrangement has caused and think of other options which puts us in difficult and incurred unwarranted emotional stress.  

INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (IB) CANDIDACY *IB accreditation will remove itself if GMIS can’t stay at Landtong 18 for a minimum of 3 years as it’s the requirement of IB (international Baccalaureate) and it will be detrimental to the education of the children.  

GMIS GROWTH HINDERED: *GMIS has the right to grow and the 1st floor is needed to fulfill the growing needs of the international community, as there is a long waiting list in all other international schools. By not granting us the 1st floor, your decision also impacts the international community whom are in need of an international education. For the past 3 years from 2012, Landtong 18 has not been utilized by any Dutch school because the building is very old and outdated and no bestuur wants to invest money in refurbishing an old building. Since GMIS has taken over the Ground floor in August 2014 and is eager to take over the 1st floor(top floor), and also considering the aforementioned why does Vastgoed department persist in not allowing GMIS of subletting the 1st floor.

We urge you to allow the continuity and consistency of letting us use the whole building (Landtong 18) for the purpose of International Education for the International Community and bringing love, support and enjoy the journey of education with GMIS. Yours sincerely,