GREEKSTAT / Mr. Georgiou” CASE



because of this, will depend the acquisition possibility

to end of our country's captivity in "Memoranda"



Aug. 26, 2016


The signatories of this, we are the "PEOPLE'S SHIELD" for the protection of each of the judges of the "Appeal Council of the Supreme Court", which will judge the “GREEKSTAT / Mr. Georgiou” CASE.

From the outcome of this case, will depend the acquisition possibility to end our country's captivity in "Memoranda", with what it means for salaries and pensions, for loosing houses, for the loss of dignity of millions of newly poor Greeks, for loss of our country's self-determination and for the loss of Democracy. (Details in http://dikeidiki.blogspot.com)

We do not want and we do not ask biased in favor of our interests, trial.


We make this statement on this, because the Prime Minister himself confessed infront of parliament, that government and parliament, acts and decides under blackmail of "lenders", so may this blackmail "pass" and to the judges of the said case.

This possibility became certainty after the unprecedented in the annals, official announcement of the European Commission representative Mrs. Marian Tyssen, when on August 24, 2016, asked publicly and clearly from the Greek government to intervene to prevent course of this trial.

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We trust the Greek judges and the Greek Judiciary, as they have the inherent invisible DNA, the Sun of Justice that rises (for the world) from the Democracy of ancient Athens, in Heliaia and the Supreme Court of "Arios Pagos", which has produce giant forms of Greek Justice..

This trial, is in fact historical.

The names of judges who will judge the "Case ELSTAT-Georgiou" will remain in history. With gold or black letters.

We repeat: We do not want any favors and favoritism. WE DEMAND FAIR TRIAL.

And let no one forget that, over the courts and the current judicial process, lies invisibly, ancient "Heliaia", the People's Court of ancient, real and actual Democracy.

In this court, judges are also judged.

This court, can turn the SHIELD PROTECTION into a NEMESIS SWORD.....





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