Healthy Women, Healthy Society!

The female body and its reproductive health are not an intimate, nor a female thing, but a "strategic, national thing."

For more than a year now, the female body and the right to it in Serbia do not cease to be a battlefield for different debates and manipulations, and there is no concrete solution.
We testify to various battles that the state does not successfully fight for natality. If we really want to fight natality in Serbia, for which the state itself points out that it is a priority for the survival of the nation, let's not forget that only "a healthy woman - gives birth to a healthy nation".
We are all aware of the fact that a healthy woman, a healthy family, means a healthy family means a healthy nation. and the state of our public health is such that the basic right of women to the safety, timely and humane treatment in institutions whose main activity is to care about their health is called into question.
The launch of the action "Healthy Woman - Healthy Society" is a response to the appeal for help, a large number of women who have suffered maltreatment and inhumane treatment in health institutions in Serbia.
We are aware that this is an ambitious attempt to stop silencing in the world of lethargy, but we are also aware that if no one will, someone must.

What we want to point out and change with this Petition is:
* Inadequate, untimely and insufficiently accessible health assistance to women.

* Provide gynecological and obstetric examinations, treatments and interventions for free.

* Preventive gynecological examinations and treatment should be available to all women, especially women in rural areas, where mobile clinics need to be provided, at least once a year.
* Free contraceptives (condoms, antibaby pills, spirals, diaphragms, morning after pills ...), counseling and education of the younger and older populations on the field.

* To abolish the long waiting time for scheduling and long waiting time for examinations, which completely dehumanize both women and medical practice and lead to untimely treatment.

* Expensive medicines, tests, contraceptives, which do not cover health insurance, lab tests, which can not be done in state laboratories, but in private, which increases the cost of treatment, that the state bears all the costs.

* Insufficient number of doctors, gynecologists, obstetricians, anesthetists and women's health institutions, both in large cities, and especially in smaller suburban areas.

* Not giving anesthesia during various interventions such as abortions, various biopsies, artificial insemination interventions, ophthalmic opening, postmortem eruptions are a severe violation of women's rights to painless intervention and this problem is major and important.

* The practice of care is standardized and incompatible with individual specificities, needs and preferences of women who are giving birth. Well, the situation is similar in all gynecological procedures.

* Women in our society are bring down to nature, instead of making one reset to provide elementary human conditions.

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