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Araz Farrokhiadl, 15 years old and his family are going to be deported from Sweden after a year and a half. He has learned the Swedish language, gained friends and has dreams that he's working hard for. Araz's dream is to become the best music teacher in Sweden and he has the talent in music to succeed and achieve his dream. Like any other 15 year olds, Araz should begin high school after the summer and he has already decided that Hvitfeldska high school is the choice for him. In Sweden, he can attend school to become a music teacher like he wants to, but in Iran there is not a chance for him to achieve his dream.

After nearly two years, he is now expelled and must leave the country he has come to think of as a home and instead go back to the war-torn country of Iran. The reason that the Migration Board has decided to expell Araz from Sweden is because they do not consider Iran as an unsafe country anymore. But Araz feels bad about having to return to a place where he escaped from. Even so, he feels that he can't do anything about it.

Being a human means that you help one another when they are in need. Having a humanistic ethic means that you stand up for justice. To contribute means that you are willing to do something good for someone else.

Araz will be deported this 13 February. We need your help in order to protest against this. It would mean everything if we could gather as many signatures as possible.

Ly Tran

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