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naked-kombat-jj-knight-versus-scotty-zee-master-1.jpg Hi my name is Luke and I'm trying to get to bring back Naked kombat, Naked kombat was two homosexual pornstars wrestling with no rules you'd try to earn points through submissions, ground control and sexually teasing your opponent (ball grabbing, cock stroking, fingering, rimming, cock sucking, dry humping and more) whoever had the most points at the end of 1 or 3 rounds would be the winner and would get to sexual dominante and humiliate their opponent anyway they'd like I wanna bring this back with pornstars like Daniel Hausser, Joey Mills, felix fox, Travis Stevens, khaleb Stryker, Johnny Rapid, Austin Lock, Dallas preston, Levi Rhodes, Kyle ross, Blake Mitchell, paul canon, Kyle Connors and many others imagine them  wrestling in different clothes or nude in a gym, at a bar, or the beach, wrestling to prove who's the strongest, the hottest twink, grudges,couples, there's so many possibilities please help me bring this back naked kombat was perfect the best and most sexual wrestling all for the biggest prize of sexual dominance of your opponent. If you still aren't sure watch trailers on or full matches on please help me bring this back

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