Help “Floria Capsali” Choreography High School to exist

After the establishment of the Bucharest Romanian Opera in 1921 and the development of the choreographic ensemble, the existente of a classical ballet school had become compulsory, and its founder was Floria Capsali. The foundation of the national choreographic education was set in 1949 through the establishment of the Choreography High-school, an artistic education institution which, throughout the years has decisively contributed to the Romanian ballet and dance scene development. 

According to the Ministerial Order no. 3590 from 5 april / 2016, The Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research has agreed upon a new curriculum, in which the number of ballet classes to be held at the “Floria Capsali” Choreography High School is severely reduced / which severely reduces the number of ballet classes to be held […]. This order has been issued without any of the school’s professors and staff being either informed or consulted. To eliminate most of the ballet, piano, or repertoire courses in a vocational high school, which aims at promoting the highest values, is not only to compromise one of the most beautiful of all the arts (classical ballet), but also to overthrow the careers of future artists, still in full bloom. In an arts school, art is not an optional discipline! We call out for all the “Floria Capsali” alumni, professional dancers, or simply for those who love this art: please support our endeavor and help us bring normality back and further promote creativity.

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