Im writing this today to inform the community of the atrocities of our justice system. My husband, Mark Frey, was among those killed in the shooting at Columbia Machine on June 9 2022. Also killed were CJ Minnick and Josh Wallace. The victims familes have been informed that Judge Wilson of the Washington County Circuit Court will be accepting a plea for the killer. The plea says he is not criminally responsible for his actions and for that he will receive NO prison time but he will be sent to a hospital for treatment and if he's good he could be released. The prosecutors for the states attorneys office advised us if we were not happy to write to our legislators. I spent most of yesterday doing just that and hoped by informing the public that you might join us in our quest to keep this evil from ever being free to walk among us again. Please contact your elected officials AND sign our petition to keep this murderer from ever being free.

This being killed three hard working men in cold blood. He shot another multiple times has he tried to flee. He then left the building and shot a police officer. He cannot be allowed to ever be free again. 


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