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My name is Malinda I am a resident of Maurice River Township for about 37 years. I remember when I was a child there was a certain siren that sounded when a prisoner escaped. I'm not sure why it stopped but I would like to start this petition because I feel that we as residents should be notified when an inmate escapes. We especially being residents of a township with two prisons. On January 20, 2022 there was a prisoner that escaped and was gone for about 6 hours. He was then found hours later only 5 minutes from my house.  I did not hear about this escape until I got to work around 8:30, and was informed he was missing since around 1am.  Everyone knows that most houses in MRT are in a wooded area. As for mine I am off the road quite a ways into the woods from the main street. I have a 15 year old daughter that goes to high school, and has to walk to her bus stop when it is still dark, so when I heard about this when I got to work I immeditely thanked God for allowing my daughter to reach her bus stop safely and get on the bus.  Students at the school I am employed at were coming up to me scared in the morning because some were saying they saw a bunch of police officers at places, and some were saying they were scared to go to sleep because they heard about an inmate escaping from the prison.. this is not okay and should not be a worry of these young children.I know a notification isn't that big of a deal to some, but to others it is.  Knowing there is one that escaped would allow citizens to take the right safety precautions, and knowing they are back in custody is also nice to know.

So I am writing this petition in hopes that there is a way that all of us residents in this township can recieve some sort of notification when a prisoner escapes and is found. If we are notified we can take the right precautions, as far as taking our kids to bus stops or school, keeping our doors secured, and anything else that makes us feel are the right things to keep our family safe until they are caught.  I feel like our township is so small, that this shouldn't be an issue to have done, weather it is an alert sent through the phone carrier, or a phone call. There shold be some sort of notification. We are residents and have a right to know! 

I am not sure where to even start in getting this started but I hope beginning with this will help. I also hope that parents of this township understand where I am coming from and sign and share this petition. Thank you!

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