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We are IB19 at Carlforsska gymnasium in Västerås and we need your signature to help our friend Sivakorn Srithep. He is an exchange student from Thailand and has been in our class from the beginning of this school year. He came to Sweden early summer 2019 with the goal to learn english, while living at a host family that took care of him. His english course ends in 4 months and he is currently in the need of a place to live until the end of May, since he is very unhappy with the conditions of the family. He reported for a change in host family but has not found one yet, and the deadline is monday 24/2. Which means that he will be forced to move to another school or even back to his home country Thailand. 

For the past months he has become our best friend and he is very comfortable with the students and teachers. Sivakorn doesn't want to move back, he really likes it here in IB Carlforsska and we'd hate to see him go. 

So, we are appealing to any well-wisher family in Västerås who can accommondate Sivakorn. He is a very happy and positive student and is well gifted in sciences and math. Please help us and Sivakorn by signing this petition which will be sent to the organisation that has given him this oppertunity to study in Sweden. If Sivakorn does not find a place to live by monday 24/2, hopefully this list of names supporting his stay might give him more time to find a home. 

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