Hong Kong Indians petition Please STOP providing platform to Anti-Indians

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Hong Kong,
North Block, 2 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong

Dear Sirs,


Regarding, Confronting India's Covid-19 catastrophe" zoom meet on 11th May 2021, Hong Kong Indians are deeply offended and upset at this event being organized by your most prestigious club.

At a time when the situation of Covid in India is very serious, people from all walks of life are working together with the central and state governments, civil society, voluntary organizations and NGOs, in alleviating the problems of those affected by Covid, and their families. Everyone is contributing, according to their means and ability. This includes fellow Indians living abroad, who are doing all they can. It is not the time for petty politics or fixing blames.

At such a time, inviting people like Rana Ayyub and Barkha Dutt to grace your panel, is most shocking and unbelievable.

Last year, during the first wave of Covid in India, Ayyub made remarks to the effect, "What is left for a virus to kill in a morally corrupt nation" (below, we share the links).

Many people in Hong Kong have family members who are affected by Covid, some of whom have unfortunately died and they were very angry at her most insensitive statements, which were akin to celebrating deaths caused by Covid, and also drew severe condemnation from her fellow left liberals. No community in the world would tolerate such kind of a

Similarly, Barkha Dutt is not a neutral journalist, but an extremely controversial figure who has been associated with many radical elements to the left, and was also involved with the "Radia tapes" scandal (below, we share the link).

Such people are completely biased and motivated.

Last year, when other countries in Europe and elsewhere suffered serious surge in COVID numbers and fatalities, lndia also stepped in to supply medicines and essential medical equipment. During such calamities and situations, one doesn't make a mockery of other nations but works together in the cause of humanity.

We therefore seek the cancellation of this event.

Thank you,




https://www.bbc.com/news/world-south-asia-11907188Besides COVID-19, India is also fighting with vulture journalists, who are spreading more panic and despair than pandemic - The Australia Today

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